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When purchasing business card offset printing machine, you need to pay attention to

from the new line label, the sheet fed double-sided xk-100 carton forming machine helps you. With the development of printing technology and the improvement of people's requirements for business cards, offset business cards have become the mainstream in the business card market. In addition, the cost of offset business cards is low and the profit is high. It can print all kinds of color business cards to meet the printing requirements of different users. Therefore, small-scale color offset business card machine is now a necessary equipment for business card companies. At present, there are about a dozen brands and models of business card machines on the market, with prices ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. How to buy a satisfactory business card machine is the most concerned problem of users. Here are some problems that need to be paid attention to when buying a business card machine:

1. Determine the purchase grade according to your own business scale. The printing principle of the common offset business card printing machine on the market, whether it is a small machine with a price of 3000 yuan or 4000 yuan or a high-end machine with a price of 10000 yuan, is actually the same. It extends the long-term service life of flame-retardant PP materials in a despicable environment. It uses PS version to print with the principle of water ink separation. Compared with the high-end machine, the small machine is generally not much different in quality when printing ordinary chromatic business cards, except that it is slower in adjustment and printing speed. So before buying a machine, you should first consider your business scale, that is to say: if the business card agency you operate is small in small and medium-sized towns or business card agencies, and the daily business volume is not very large (for example, the average daily business volume of offset business cards is only a few boxes or a dozen boxes), it is best to give priority to buying a small machine (such as Tianjin production and construction new brand ultra small color offset business card machine), which can fully meet the business needs of general small and medium-sized business card agencies, There is no need to hold down funds, which is also quite cost-effective economically. If your business card agency is located in large and medium-sized cities and has a large scale, or you have several contact points in addition to the store, specializing in processing a large number of business cards (dozens or hundreds of business cards are printed every day on average), then you can consider choosing a high-end offset business card machine with high speed and high precision

2. Understand the overall printing speed of the business card machine. In its promotional materials and product performance, the high-end machine with more than 10000 yuan is nominal that the printing speed of the business card machine is 25 pieces, 100 pieces/minute, but this is only the motor speed of the business card machine, which does not represent the overall printing speed of the business card machine. Because printing a box of business cards requires many processes, such as prepress adjustment, color change, ink washing, etc., the real key to a good business card machine is the fast adjustment speed and ink washing speed of the business card machine. The adjustment speed refers to the time required to hang the PS version on the drum of the offset press, and then adjust the heaven and earth, left and right, and version skew until the first qualified business card is printed. Most offset business card machines are easy to adjust the left and right and version skew, but it is different when adjusting the heaven and earth. At present, the heaven and earth adjustment mechanism of general business card machines in the market adopts the conventional fixed center distance worm gear transmission adjustment mode, (that is, the heaven and earth adjusting device is on the left front side of the machine) when adjusting the heaven and earth, you must first loosen one or two locking screws, then screw the adjusting screw, and then lock the two fixing screws after adjusting the approximate position. If the heaven and earth are in the wrong position, loosen the two locking screws, and then fine tune the adjusting screws repeatedly until the heaven and earth are adjusted to the correct position. Another adjustment method (such as the southern color printing King III machine) adopts the open worm gear transmission adjustment mode (the heaven and earth adjustment device is on the central shaft). When adjusting the heaven and earth, you only need to loosen a locking screw to adjust it, and the adjustment speed will be clear to the user at a glance. The world adjustment of high-end imported business card machine is through digital control. There is no mechanical adjusting screw or screw on the surface of the machine, so the adjustment is more convenient and fast. However, because its price is too high, it is difficult to recover the cost, so it is not recommended to buy it without market guarantee. In addition, when automatically cleaning the ink, some business card machines need minutes to wash the ink, while some business card machines only need minutes. Moreover, some machines need to remove the ink roller and wipe it one by one with a rag after the automatic ink washing. This will waste a lot of time and indirectly reduce the work efficiency. Therefore, users must let the dealer demonstrate the ink washing process when purchasing the machine

3. Understand the overprint accuracy and ink washing quality of the business card machine. The overprint accuracy of the high-end offset business card machine plays a decisive role in the printing quality of the business card. When testing the overprint accuracy of the business card machine, it is generally to put the business card printed for the first time back into the machine, and carry out secondary printing without any adjustment, so that the business card machine with good overprint accuracy will not produce ghosting, Moreover, some business card machines with high overprint accuracy still do not produce ghosting and text aliasing after three consecutive reprints. In addition, the heaven and earth adjusting device of the business card machine also determines the printing accuracy: for example, the pair gap between the heaven and earth adjusting screw and gear of some domestic machines is too large, which is directly reflected in the large space-time block of the adjusting screw when it is screwed back and forth. The adjusting screw can drive the paper pushing tooth forward only after it is screwed for 1/3 turn or even more than half a turn, and the adjusting distance is very difficult to master; There are also some business card machines with no slots on the locking screws of the heaven and earth adjustment device. After adjustment, the fixed screws can only be tightened by hand and cannot be locked with the help of tools (screwdriver), which will affect the overprint accuracy due to errors caused by heaven and earth during high-speed operation of the machine or mass printing. During the purchase test, it is best to screw the locked heaven and earth adjusting screw by hand to see whether it is easy to loosen or whether the neutral gear is large. The quality of ink washing will also have a certain impact on the printing quality of business cards, especially when printing high-end four-color business cards, it is Vickers hardness value (HV). If the ink washing is not clean, it will affect the accuracy of business card color. During the test, users can ask the manufacturer to print with black ink first, and directly print light color ink (such as yellow) after the machine automatically washes the ink, and observe whether the ink color printed on the paper is mixed. For machines without obvious color mixing, priority can be given to when purchasing. If the color printed on the paper is black or mixed seriously, it indicates that the automatic ink washing of the business card machine is not very good, although the holiday is from the 20th to the 22nd

general activity 1. 4. Understand the printing effect of the full page field of the business card machine. Many professionally designed business cards often use full page field anti white or large-area color block anti white text. Due to unreasonable design, small printing pressure or poor ink balance, some business card machines often have horizontal light water marks or uneven ink color on the business card paper during full page field printing. Therefore, when choosing a business card machine, it is best to let the dealer demonstrate the printing effect of the full page on the spot. Special note: with the popularity of business card machines, the price of business cards will inevitably be reduced, resulting in fierce competition among business card companies. So when choosing a business card machine, don't just rely on the dealer's oral publicity or the price of the business card machine. Once you spend a high price to buy a poor quality business card machine, it will not only have low efficiency and poor printing quality, but also be difficult to recover your investment in a short time. The high-quality business card machine can not only double the efficiency, but also enable operators to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. The above are just a few main problems that users should pay attention to when purchasing the machine. In addition, users should also fully understand the design structure, pre-sales training, after-sales maintenance, service commitment and other aspects of the business card machine when purchasing the machine, so as to buy a satisfactory business card machine

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