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Excavator key scheme: pay equal attention to safety and standards

Guide: in recent days, some media reported that the keys of some international brands of excavators of the same model can be used universally, which has caused certain potential safety hazards. In this regard, in-depth interviews with Shanghai Hitachi construction machinery, Foton Lovol heavy industry, Guangxi Liugong, XCMG group and other related enterprises, on excavators and other projects

in recent days, some media reported that the keys of some international brand excavators of the same model can be used universally, which has caused certain potential safety hazards. In this regard, in-depth interviews were conducted with relevant enterprises such as Shanghai Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Foton LOVOL Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Guangxi Liugong group, XCMG group, etc. to understand the "one key all" phenomenon in excavators and other construction machinery products

internationally accepted: a key

an engineer surnamed Wang from the Technology Department of Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. told that it is a trend of product development that excavators and other construction machinery products share a key for the same model, mainly for the sake of standardization. One user owns several excavator products and shares one key, which is conducive to deployment. With regard to the safety of products, Wang said that because the company's Excavator products adopt GPS positioning system, it can accurately know the location of each excavator worldwide; In addition, construction machinery products such as Crawler excavators are generally moved by flatbed trucks and concentrated on the construction site due to the special construction and use environment. Therefore, even if someone opens this machine and wants to drive it away, it is almost impossible. At the same time, he pointed out that excavators in Komatsu, Hyundai and other enterprises have long realized the same type of machine sharing a key

current situation in China: different standards

correspond to the same key shared by the same type of international excavators, while most excavators in China are on the contrary. Not only can they not be shared among the same type of excavators, but even the same excavator is equipped with a cab and engine respectively, so as to realize the large-scale conditioning of oil tanks and other keys with a speed of 0, 001 ~ 500mm/min

Ou Tianwei, the business specialist of Liugong excavator product department, told that at present, the excavator produced by the company is basically a machine with a set of keys, including special keys for side doors, diesel boxes, cabs, engines, side doors, etc. The situation of Foton Lovol heavy industry and XCMG is similar

in this regard, Hitachi Wang engineer believes that there is no major technical problem from the point of view of using one key uniformly at present. The main reason may be management or long-term consciousness problems. At present, most domestic excavators have some difficulties in coordination because the switches used inside, the locks on the outside and the locks on the drawers come from different manufacturers; In addition, considering the safety factors such as car theft, the current situation of one machine with one set of keys is formed. In Japan, Hitachi Jianji has achieved the unification of keys as early as 20 or 30 years ago

Ou Tianwei of Liugong said that whether the use of a machine is satisfactory requires interaction and feedback between manufacturers and users. At present, Liugong has not received any complaints from users about the safety and inconvenience of excavator products

expert opinion: cautiously optimistic

the leading products of China's engineering machines are aluminum foil rolling strip blank and general 1xxx series and 3xxx series alloy plate strip blank. Chen Zhengli, Secretary General of the mining machinery branch of the mining machinery industry association, believes that the phenomenon of the same brand and the same model general key of excavators is indeed very common in foreign manufacturers and has a long history. With the increase of the production of excavators in China, This problem will also attract greater attention among domestic manufacturers. At present, the production of excavators from domestic manufacturers is generally not large, but if it continues to develop, for example, it is inappropriate to produce tens of thousands of excavators and then equip tens of thousands of different keys. Machines in the construction machinery industry are generally made in groups. If a machine uses a key, or even a set of keys, it will not be conducive to production. Chen Kaiyun, Secretary General of the shoveling and transportation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, also said that according to his understanding, other domestic construction machinery such as loaders have not yet achieved the common use of keys between models of the same brand. However, he was cautiously optimistic about this trend and believed that it would be convenient for consumers to use machines

analysis: pay equal attention to safety and standards

from the actual situation, the universal use of excavator keys has indeed led to potential safety hazards. According to media reports, some customers' excavator chips and batteries have been stolen from time to time. There have even been incidents of stealing and renting others' excavators with the same brand of excavator keys. This is related to the fact that the GPS anti-theft system is easy to be disassembled, the signal is easy to be shielded, and the price is expensive. In places where there is no mapping on the electronic map, and where there is no GPS control center, it cannot be used

it can be seen that both international and domestic excavator key schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the international scheme lies in standardization, which is convenient for cost reduction, user use and maintenance; The disadvantage is that security cannot be fully guaranteed. The advantage of the domestic scheme lies in its good safety, but there are some problems, such as poor standardization, increased cost, inconvenient for users to use and maintain, etc

however, two seemingly incomplete solutions may be business opportunities for the development of excavators in China. If China can integrate international and domestic advantages, innovate independently, develop a key scheme integrating safety and standardization, and formulate corresponding standards, and even rise to the level of national standards, it can form an anti super advantage and lead the international trend

according to relevant data, at present, the key scheme that integrates security and standardization can be achieved technically, and the password lock is an ideal scheme. The car anti-theft system of a Japanese electric company can make it impossible for others to drive away even if the car key is hung on the car. This anti-theft system uses password input to start the car. After the engine stops for 15 seconds, the car safety system will start automatically. If you can't input the correct password, even if you have a car key, you can't start the car engine. The car password lock produced by Weixing Co., Ltd. in Shunde District of Foshan City can lock the starting power supply, ignition power supply and oil pump power supply of the car at the same time. It is convenient to lock with one press, and unlock with a password. It is safe, convenient and economical. Password locks installed on some motorcycles can also do this

according to insiders, there are two options for excavators. One solution is to use electronic keys. The same electronic locks are used between the same brand and the same model, but users can set their own unlock password. Any machine can be opened as long as the password is paired successfully. This can effectively ensure that an electronic key can open all machines with the same password. Another scheme is mechanical insurance. That is, the same brand and model share a key, but the password lock is set on the machine. The machine can be opened only after the password is set correctly. In this way, users can set their machines to the same password, which can achieve the effect of opening multiple machines with one key. And the machines between different users can also be shared with one key as long as they tell each other the password. Through password setting, the safety and standardization of excavator can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, which is convenient for production, use and maintenance. This may be a direction worthy of attention for Chinese Excavator enterprises to imitate signals and the industry at the moment

engineer Wang's words were confirmed by domestic manufacturers. Both Liu Gang, the publicity Minister of XCMG, and Chen Zhiqiang, the technology minister of Foton Lovol heavy industries, emphasized that the cab, engine and fuel tank came from different supporting manufacturers, which led to the need to configure multiple keys for an excavator, and also brought inconvenience to users' use and maintenance. Often, a machine can be opened smoothly in the plant, including the cab, fuel tank and engine, but it takes more effort to open it in the hands of users because different keys are needed

at present, domestic manufacturers are also working to solve the problem of configuring multiple keys for an excavator. After a large number of experimental workers, Xu has included the unification of small digging keys in the company's plan; Rising stars of excavators such as Foton Lovol heavy industry are paying close attention to scheduling so that the driver's cab, fuel tank and engine of the excavator can be opened with one key. This new product will be in front of the market at the end of the year at the earliest

however, domestic manufacturers have different opinions on whether machines of the same brand and model can share a key. Chen Zhiqiang of Foton Lovol heavy industry said that the practice of sharing a key for machines of the same brand and model is not desirable, mainly for safety reasons. Because even if GPS system is installed, safety cannot be completely ensured

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