Pay attention to the damage of car paint in the ho

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Pay attention to the damage of car paint in special weather

pay attention to the damage of car paint in special weather

August 19, 2013

[China paint information] in summer, especially when the weather is bad, once the car is scratched by something, it is easy to have the damage of car paint, and the serious problem will be the rust of the car. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the car in time

experienced professional masters said that the paint surface without damage will not rust generally. Because of this, many car owners tend to ignore the interior paint when they see the bright surface, and some manufacturers who do not pay attention to quality do not do fine in these places that we do not pay much attention to, so this is where it is easy to rust. The place prone to rust is usually the hinge part of the door. Because there are many screws on the hinge, it is easy to have holes when painting, and it is easy to rust after being stained with water. There are also engine compartment covers and the inner side of the boot cover, which are also the most prone to rust. For these parts, whether new or old, car owners should always check them, especially in wet and rainy seasons

deal with it in time when it is found

if rust spots or rust marks are found after the warranty period, the owner can go to the place where the car is repaired in time, and if it is serious, it needs to be repainted. If the corrosion is very small, you can first use sandpaper dipped in water to grind away the rust spots, wipe the rust spots completely, and then apply primer and original or near color paint. At present, the use of recycled plastics in concrete is still in the stage of laboratory research, and the research on recycled plastics modified concrete is actually rare. At present, there is no report on the research on recycled plastics modified concrete in China. When rust is found, it should be noted that the area should be slightly larger. Because some rust may be in the paint, it will continue to rust if it is not cleaned and painted in time

in addition, in case of slight scratches, it should be handled in time. Scratch repair wax is commonly used in car beauty, Its function is to quickly remove the fine particles on the paint surface "If the high molecular materials industry wants to realize the sustainable development of scratches, effectively control the oxidation phenomena such as whitening and fading of car paint; at the same time, it can polish and maintain the car paint, and agree to pass the on-site examination and acceptance to make the gloss of car paint more ideal. When there are less serious scratches on the car body, you can first dip a little of this product with a clean cloth, wipe it repeatedly at the scratch until the scratch disappears, and then polish it with a towel. For small scratches Scratch repair pens can also solve many problems. The appearance of this pen is similar to that of an ordinary carbon pen, but it is filled with car paint. It has two pen heads. One is as thick and thin as a ballpoint pen, which can repair finer scratches; One is like a brush tip, which can repair more car paint. It is understood that this touch up pen basically covers all automobile brands, and the color similarity is also relatively high after touch up. In addition, the touch up pen can also be matched with grinding paste. Grinding paste can be used before touch up, which can smooth scratches and paint surface and increase the adhesion of car paint; After paint repair, the paint surface may appear uneven to varying degrees. The bearing on the side 1 of the experimental machine is partially worn. At this time, the grinding paste can polish the paint surface flat

however, these products are only applicable to emergencies. For example, the car owner is too busy to go to the repair shop to take care of the body paint in a short time. You can temporarily decorate it, so that the damaged parts of your car are not so ugly. In the end, we should take time to go to the car maintenance shop for further paint repair and care

therefore, in special weather, all car owners should pay special attention to the changes in the paint of their cars and make corresponding car maintenance according to the situation

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