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Agricultural products should pay attention to packaging. Technical barriers have become a powerful weapon in the trade war among WTO members. Many developed countries and emerging industrialized countries have further strengthened the technical standards of agricultural environmental protection and raised the requirements for the quality standards of agricultural products. Therefore, China's agricultural exports are frequently blocked by technical barriers. In fact, due to various reasons, most of our vegetables and fruits cannot enter Japan, beef cannot enter the European Union, and pork, beef, apples, pears and other agricultural products cannot enter the U.S. market

in this regard, industry insiders said that after China's accession to the WTO, many agricultural products and green food, in addition to being difficult to compete with the mature production system of organic agricultural products in developed countries, also have several "bottleneck" constraints, one of which is the packaging problem. In the face of the competition in the international market and the increasing technical blockade of importing countries, it will be difficult for China's export agricultural products packaging to occupy or even expand the export market if it does not "change its face". If it cannot cope with it, the maximum lifting amount is not more than 0.1mm; When loosening the fastening screw, if the measures are not effective, it may fall to the point of being rejected completely

in view of the low international competitiveness of China's green agricultural products, it is difficult to overcome the "green barrier", so it is difficult to go abroad for 4 days. In addition to strengthening the environmental control of the whole process of the green food base and ensuring that the green food is produced from the best ecological environment, some domestic agricultural product production bases at present should vigorously implement the brand strategy and carry out innovative design of the packaging according to the requirements of the international market. After this problem is solved, the green food produced can smoothly get the "international pass", so as to go to the international market and break into supermarkets and supermarkets in many countries

Junan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, which is located in the Yimeng mountain area, has built a green agricultural product base of more than 800000 Mu and more than 40 livestock and poultry foreign exchange earning centers. In order to ensure that pollution-free agricultural and sideline products enter the international market, while strengthening the integrated development of agricultural and sideline products, ecological agriculture and green food, the county pays attention to improving quality, postpartum technical treatment and packaging design, so that a variety of agricultural and sideline products are exported to overseas markets and major domestic cities. In the process of "foreign" packaging agricultural and sideline products into low-carbon and energy-saving "image ambassadors", they peeled chestnuts into beautifully packaged cans, made strawberries into sauce and juice and packaged them according to international standards, transformed garlic stalks from bundling into vacuum small packaging, and separated livestock and poultry. They operated in strict accordance with the requirements of "green food" certification in storage, inspection, packaging and other links, so that they can withstand food safety testing, Because of its exquisite packaging, it has increased its value. Its products are sold directly to supermarkets in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Located in the hinterland of Yimeng mountain area, Yishui County has paid attention to investing scientific and technological forces and funds to implement the standardized production of agricultural products in recent years. While actively registering trademarks for green agricultural products, they have tried to solve the problem of being difficult to rush out of the country due to backward packaging. At present, more than 100 kinds of agricultural products in the county have registered trademarks and have their own brands. Among them, more than 20 kinds of agricultural products have obtained the "green card" in entering the international market and have been placed in supermarkets in more than 10 countries and regions overseas. This alone has increased the income of farmers in the county by 150million yuan

facts show that agricultural and sideline products, especially exported green agricultural products, can only be brought to the market and create better economic benefits by making great efforts in packaging, in addition to controlling important passes such as environmental protection technical standards according to the requirements of the international market. Because exquisite packaging is conducive to identification and promotion, and can attract the attention of consumers, consumers are willing to pay a higher price to buy after they see it, playing the role of "silent salesman" on the shelf. In the past, most of China's commodities, especially agricultural products and their processed products, were packed naturally and casually, mostly in large packages, coarse packages, and even "naked" without packaging. With the development of the market and the higher and higher requirements for the quality of agricultural and sideline products in some foreign countries, some domestic agricultural and sideline product production bases and processing enterprises began to pay attention to the research and development of packaging, using small packaging and exquisite packaging to promote the green agricultural product packaging to the market as a means to create benefits, so that the packaging is integrated into the product, and the packaging itself has become a commodity

it can be seen that with the development of market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for packaging are becoming more and more "picky". Packaging is no longer just a "container" for commodities, but a means for commodities to transmit information to consumers. As the "face" of commodities, it plays the role of "image spokesperson". It not only helps to sell commodities, but also helps to improve productivity, reduce material consumption, and ensure that commodities will not be damaged, lost and deteriorated in circulation. With China's entry into WT0, the influx of foreign products is unreasonable. The export of domestic products and market competition will become more intense. Therefore, our green agricultural product production base and processing enterprises must not ignore the important link of product packaging. Only by paying attention to packaging, taking it as a strength to participate in competition, and paying attention to all production links from the source to the final product, can we improve the competitiveness of agricultural products and create well-known agricultural products brands that enter big cities, supermarkets, shopping malls and overseas markets

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