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The application of wrinkled paper, a new medical packaging material, in the supply room

there are many problems in the traditional cotton packaging, such as the short period of keeping the main piston up for a period of time, the fiber deformation after cleaning, etc. From June to December 2004, medical wrinkled paper was used as the packaging material for sterilization. The sterilization effect of the packaging materials was tested, and the sterilization validity period was long

1 materials and methods

1.1 materials: Medical wrinkle paper provided by Jiajia Shanghai company: (1) empty needles and needles; (2) Blade, suture needle and thread; (3) Catheterization bag (including glass bottle, vascular forceps, latex tube, etc.); (4) Stitching shears; B-D test; Xg-1.p pulsating vacuum sterilizer of Xinhua medical device company; 3mcompleytmb - D one-time test package; Self made biological test kit

1.2 method

1.2.1 xg-1.p pulsating vacuum sterilizer of Xinhua medical instrument company, conduct B-D test on the pulsating vacuum pressure sterilizer once a day, place the test package horizontally on the front bottom layer of the sterilization car in the sterilization cabinet, close to the upper part of the exhaust hole, paste the chemical indicator tape outside the standard package, and after 3 times of vacuum and 132 ℃ for 4 minutes, Take out the B-D test paper and observe the color change. The uniform color change indicates that the cold air removal effect is good, and the sterilizer can be used. On the contrary, the sterilizer has cold air residue. Check the reasons for the failure of the B-D test, and the sterilizer can be used only after the B-D test is qualified [1]

1.2.2 pack empty needles, blades, suture needles, threads, urethral catheterization bags (including glass bottles, vascular forceps, latex tubes, etc.) with double-layer wrapping method, with a total of 8 groups of 20 bags in each group; They are packed with cotton cloth and wrinkled paper respectively, and 3M pressure steam sterilization bag chemical indicator cards are placed inside the bag. 3M high-pressure steam sterilization tape is used to seal the outside of the bag for high-pressure steam sterilization. Three times of vacuum, 132 ℃ and 8 minutes. At the same time, the five point method of self-made biological test bag is used to monitor the biological indicators, one point in the center of the upper layer and the middle layer, and one point in the front, middle and back of the lower layer, 3mattesttm pressure steam sterilization biological culture indicator is placed at each point. After sterilization, 3M high-pressure steam sterilization indicator tape shows uniform dark brown

1.2.3 take out the biological indicator, squeeze the glass ampoule containing the culture medium in the special crushing hole of 1292 incubator after cooling, then hold the cap end of the biological indicator, tap the bottom of the vial gently on the desktop, so that the culture medium moistens the spores at the bottom of the vial. The positive control group was set up during the culture, and the biological indicators were placed in the 1292 incubator for culture, and the results were read after 3 hours. Results: no bacterial spores grew, indicating complete sterilization

1.2.4 bacterial detection: the sterilized and stored equipment bags are sampled and cultured at different periods of time. 15 bags of equipment (3 bags of 5 types of equipment) are detected in each group each time. The detection cycle of the pressure steam sterilization group is 15, 30, 90, 180 days after sterilization, The bacterial sampling and culture methods shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the "monitoring of the effect of hospital disinfection and sterilization" chapter of the "disinfection technical specifications" 2002 edition issued by the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China. In addition, a positive control is set during each batch of testing to ensure the accuracy of testing [1]

1.2.5 effect judgment: the sterilized equipment shall be marked with the sterilization date and stored in the sterile article storage room. When the medical wrinkle paper is packed well after sterilization, it is detected that the same batch of equipment remains sterile within a certain period of time, which means that the sterilization effect of the packaging material is reliable during this period

1.2.6 storage conditions: store the sterilization equipment on the shelf of the sterile room, the temperature of the sterile room is (20 ± 2) ℃, and the relative humidity is 50% - 70% in the air

2 results (see tables 1 and 2)

compared with traditional cotton cloth, medical wrinkled paper has the following advantages: (1) long shelf life of sterile storage; (2) The bacteria resistance of sterile articles is relatively improved; (3) Effectively ensure the sterilization effect of articles


ideal medical packaging materials need to have high-efficiency bacteriostasis to ensure that sterile equipment will not be contaminated by bacteria outside the package for a long time; At the same time, the packaging material is also required to have good permeability to the bactericidal factor, which does not affect the bactericidal effect of the bactericidal factor on the bacteria and microorganisms on the equipment in the package [2]

medical wrinkle wrapping paper forms a unique barrier due to its special porous arrangement, effectively isolating bacteria and other microorganisms, so it can be stored for a long time without pollution. It can be seen from table 1 and table 2 that wrinkled paper has a good barrier effect of blocking bacteria and has steadily entered the international market. Wrinkled packaging paper is soft, easy to use and safe

in the process of repeated use, cotton bales have a short storage time and need to undergo recycling, rinsing, steaming, finishing, repeated sterilization of expired bags, etc., so the price of cotton is not cheap. Medical wrinkle paper saves many of the above links, and the single cost is not much different. As a sterilization packaging material, although conventional cotton cloth can be cleaned and ironed repeatedly, it is easy to cause sparse cloth holes, and even small holes that are not easy to detect by the naked eye, resulting in the failure of packaging to isolate bacteria. Therefore, the storage life of sterile articles packaged with cotton wrapped cloth is only 7-14 days, while medical wrinkle paper as a sterile packaging material, combined with the results of this test using medical wrinkle paper, caused two pairs of friction forces and corresponding torque. The empty needles, catheterization bags, suture bags, and thread removal scissors tested for sterile packaging materials still have no bacterial growth 180 days after sterilization

source of information: modern medicine and health

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