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Carpoly helps create the new charm of R & F • Phoenix Valley sojourn project

Carpoly helps create the new charm of R & F • Phoenix Valley sojourn project

December 09, 2019

"wise people enjoy mountains and benevolent people enjoy water." Since ancient times, countless literati have expressed their love for the mountains and rivers, fascinated by this beautiful scenery, and expressed their aspirations here. Ancient literati liked mountains and waters, and wanted to retire at ease. They temporarily borrowed scenery to express their feelings

▲ real picture of the project

R & F Zhangzhou Phoenix Valley project takes advantage of the natural advantages of tiantongshan comprehensive resort in TAIMA Yangxi, the governor of Zhangzhou, in order to overcome the adverse factors such as high raw material prices, increasingly fierce market competition, and serious excess production capacity of some products by domestic five gold plastic enterprises, so as to create a valley themed cultural tourism brand, and feel the poetic life of mountains like Dai, streams gurgling, and breeze swaying

"project name: R & F Zhangzhou Phoenix Valley

products used: wool colored granite paint, fluorocarbon metallic paint

coating area: 40000 square meters


in order to meet the project requirements of the cultural tourism of the project, Jiabaoli Dajian coating recommends to use wool colored granite paint as the main finishing effect of the podium building, and spray the colorful granite paint effect on the texture paint, while ensuring the visual effect of the product, It also imitates the touch of stone

on site effect: the paint film is dense, smooth and delicate. According to the engineer, the product has good self-cleaning performance, easy washing, good color retention, and can have a service life of years

▲ the upper part of the podium building with detailed product effect of the project uses garberry fluorocarbon metallic paint, which has the advantages of UV resistance, good color retention, powdering resistance, stain resistance and so on. As the exterior wall finishing paint of the podium building of mountain buildings, it is the best choice

◆ rich valley · cultural and tourism life ◆ the R & F Phoenix valley comprehensive resort project is invested by contemporary real estate group and jointly built by domestic and foreign teams such as Madana in Singapore, Nicklaus in the United States, Savills, the third company of China Construction Seventh Engineering Bureau, Xiamen tuhao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

▲ actual picture of the project

R & F real estate has invested heavily in building a "Phoenix valley comprehensive resort" with international high-end and vision, in order to establish a domestic first-class leisure and vacation industry standard and redefine the tourism and vacation benchmark on the West Bank of the Strait

▲ project effect drawing (network diagram)

R & F Phoenix Valley is located in tiantongshan comprehensive resort, Yangxi, Changtai, Zhangzhou, covering an area of 7.99 million square meters, only 17 kilometers away from the urban area of Zhangzhou, and is the place connecting Xiamen and Zhangzhou. The scenery and climate in this area are pleasant, and the style full of Southeast Asian customs makes it known as "Bali in the west of the sea"

▲ real picture of the project

◆ ingenuity builder · learning from the times

◆ reinforced coiled material made of fireproof polymer mortar glass fiber grid cloth as the surface layer

in 2005, R & F was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 2777), becoming the first mainland real estate enterprise included in the Hang Seng China enterprise index

as of the first half of 2019, R & F Group has an equity land reserve with a saleable area of more than 61 million square meters, a total asset of 405.5 billion yuan, and a sales scale of more than 130 billion yuan in 2018, providing high-quality products and services to more than 1million people

starting from Guangzhou, R & F's business has expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hainan, Taiyuan and other core cities and potential regions across the country, and has entered the world since 2013, opening the prelude to global layout

▲ some electronic parts and circuit boards of R & F Zhangzhou Phoenix are very sensitive to static electricity Valley

so far, it has been stationed in more than 140 cities and regions at home and abroad, and has accumulated more than 420 benchmark boutique projects. It has been awarded the honorary title of "top 10 comprehensive strength of China's real estate development enterprises" and "top 10 China's real estate development enterprises" by the Industry Association for nine consecutive years.

▲ R & F Zhangzhou Phoenix Valley

since 2014, Carpoly engineering paint has cooperated with R & F real estate for five years, and has reached a good cooperation foundation in terms of product quality and considerate service. In the future, we will be able to work together on more quality projects

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