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Jialishi paint giant panda "Jiajia" happy growth weight 29kg

Jialishi paint giant panda "Jiajia" happy growth weight 29kg

January 12, 2012

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[China paint information] it has entered January in an instant, cold weather hit all over the country, and many places are covered with snow. Looking back on the same period last year, Jialishi paint love team braved the snow to enter Sichuan Ya'an giant panda base to adopt the giant panda "Jiajia" for just one year. According to the feedback of the staff of Wolong Giant Panda Club, "Jiajia" is currently growing happily and healthily, and is now more than one year old. At present, together with four other national treasures, she was transferred to the scientific research plank house kindergarten on December 9, 2011, where she will learn many skills, including cooperating with veterinary experts to draw blood and other movement skills

"Jiajia" currently weighs 29kg and can eat about 4kg of bamboo, 800g of milk, 200g of Wowotou, and 500g of carrots and an Apple sold directly by Jinan manufacturer. It is very lively. When staying in the circle, it likes to climb on the back of its partners to play, but the partners are unwilling to do so. They have no choice but to circle around the iron gate. It is extremely cute. "Jiajia" is the first adopted giant panda in the Dragon Panda Club to avoid the pressure fluctuation caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature in 2011. Jialishi hopes that by adopting the national treasure giant panda, it can appeal to more environmentalists to pay attention to rare animals and environmental protection, and hope that everyone can work together to form a joint force and spread love

looking back on 2011, Jialishi paint carried out a series of charity activities, including: "low carbon earth lights out for an hour"; "For the recovery of the international market, love to plant trees and carlys LOHAS low-carbon forest"; Car free environmental protection line, etc. In 2012, Jialishi paint will continue to adhere to the low-carbon environmental protection research and development concept, actively participate in public welfare activities, and sincerely repay consumers

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