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Carpoly joined hands with the top 100 real estate Rongqiao group to become the 2018

Carpoly joined hands with the top 100 real estate Rongqiao group to become the annual floor paint 7 Power supply AC220V 10% 50Hz strategic supplier

December 6, 2018

recently, Rongqiao Group Co., Ltd. sent a letter of acceptance, and garberry won the bid to become the annual floor paint strategic cooperation supplier of Rongqiao group. This is after becoming the top 100 real estate strategic partners of China shipping, Jindi, Jindi commercial property, Rongsheng, Yuzhou, Jinying, Wenyi, new Hualian, etc, Join hands with the new top 100 real estate partners again

Rongqiao group was founded by Mr. Lin Wenjing, a famous Chinese entrepreneur, and was born in Fuzhou, China in 1989. Rongqiao group takes real estate development and diversified industries as its driving force for two rounds of development, involving commercial, property, hotel, education, oxygen index, medical treatment, agriculture, port development, industrial villages and other industrial fields. It is a comprehensive foreign-invested enterprise with the ability to expand the whole industry. In 2018, Rongqiao real estate developed rapidly, ranking 28th among the top 100 real estate development enterprises in China

in the whole industry development chain, Rongqiao real estate group takes real estate development as the core, while developing the construction of hub ports and large industrial villages; Rongqiao industrial group carries out diversified layout around the livelihood industries encouraged by national policies, and has a head office of Commerce, a hotel business department, an education business department, a medical business department, and an agricultural business department to serve the full life cycle needs of people

in the development of the enterprise, Rongqiao always adheres to the business philosophy of "thinking for the residents and learning for future generations", takes "building an ideal urban life" as its own responsibility, focuses on scientific development projects and humanistic management of enterprises, adheres to repay the country and society, and is committed to building an ideal urban living model as a comprehensive service provider of a better urban life

while constantly expanding the enterprise and creating social value, Rongqiao did not forget to serve the society, and has donated more than 1.1 billion yuan to social public welfare undertakings since its establishment. In 2016, Rongqiao established the Lin Wenjing charity foundation, insisting on practicing the responsibility of corporate citizens with practical actions

authentication of strength

the cooperation between garberry and Rongqiao group

is the absolute trust of all sectors of society, especially China strength real estate company in garberry

stems from garberry's unremitting pursuit of high-strength steel quality here for more than 20 years

for garberry floor paint, including polyester, epoxy resin, polyacrylic acid, phenol and other products, teams High recognition of service

garberry floor paint will continue to uphold the concept of high-quality products and sincere service, and repay the trust and support of our customers with sweat and wisdom

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