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Jiabaoli's strength won the bid: Rongsheng real estate's centralized procurement of exterior wall paint and floor paint

Jiabaoli's strength won the bid: Rongsheng real estate's centralized procurement of exterior wall paint and floor paint

February 24, 2020

as the COVID-19 was effectively controlled, the enterprise opened a comprehensive resumption mode, and Jiabaoli Dajian coating received frequent reports of success. Recently, Jiabaoli dajiantu and Rongsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. officially signed the annual centralized procurement agreement for exterior wall paint and floor paint

Enterprise Rongsheng real estate


Rongsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in the real estate industry in Hebei

the real estate is committed to the development of real estate in medium-sized cities, and interprets the concept of modern human settlement through professional management and high-end product quality

after more than 20 years of development, Rongsheng development has achieved development in business scale and business field. It has grown from the beginning of ordinary residential development to a national large-scale multi industry comprehensive group company integrating increasingly flexible component design, such as real estate development, tourism investment, financial investment, and Internet innovation, which benefits the electronic, electrical, and automotive markets

at present, Rongsheng real estate has initially formed a strategic layout of "two horizontal, two vertical and three clusters". The "two horizontal" refers to the layout along the Yangtze River and Longhai railway, "two vertical" refers to the layout along the Beijing Shanghai and Beijing Guangzhou railway, "three clusters" refers to the deep cultivation of the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei Urban Agglomeration" and the expansion of the layout of the surrounding cities of the "Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration" and the "Pearl River Delta Urban Agglomeration"

Rongsheng development has also been rated as China's real estate enterprise credit AAA unit and AAA credit enterprise for many times, and won many awards such as 2007 super star enterprise, Hebei real estate development comprehensive strength enterprise outstanding contribution award, China's top 100 real estate enterprises and so on. In 2018, it ranked 16th among China's top 100 real estate enterprises and the annual social enterprise of China's real estate

in the war without gunpowder smoke of COVID-19, Rongsheng development also paid close attention to the development of the epidemic, and helped fight the "epidemic" in Wuhan with a series of actions to combat the epidemic. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Rongsheng development has organized a number of donations in half a month, amounting to 14million yuan

△ Rongsheng development Hubei company donated the first batch of 5million yuan of materials such as ambulances to Wuhan

on January 27, Rongsheng development Hubei company donated the first batch of 5million yuan of materials for the Wuhan epidemic; On February 5, Rongsheng development donated 3million yuan in cash and 3million yuan worth of welfare to Hubei and Hebei epidemic prevention frontline through Hebei Red Cross Society, totaling 6million yuan; On February 11, Rongsheng development donated 3million yuan in cash to support the fight against the epidemic and to purchase medical protective clothing

02part quality wins Jiabaoli Dajian coating

Jiabaoli was founded in 1993. Its products cover wood coatings, architectural coatings, artistic coatings, floor coatings, industrial coatings, decoration accessories, inks, etc. the group has nine first-class phenolic and its modified foam material subsidiaries, and has seven production bases across the country, focusing on providing real estate customers with a number of series of architectural decoration, beautification and protection integrated coating solutions

according to the "2019 ranking of global coating enterprises" published by the US "coating world" magazine, garberry ranked 38th. In the "Asia Pacific top 50 coating enterprises list", garberry ranked 15th

over the years, Carpoly has always regarded it as its responsibility for consumers to create a beautiful home environment and focused on the research and innovation of green environmental protection coatings. In view of China's vast territory, different consumer needs, obvious climate differences, increasingly serious environmental pollution and other problems, Carpoly architectural coatings has launched a multi product system that can be applied to the entire architectural coating industry

at the same time, for different use scenarios, garberry Dajian coating integrated and launched coating systems such as medical treatment, commercial housing, green campus, characteristic town, bridge viaduct, old wall renovation, floor systematic solutions, and so on, which were popularized and applied throughout the country

after years of integration and technological innovation, Jiabaoli Dajian coating has formed a perfect product system, which can meet the various needs of the interior and exterior wall coating market. The winning of the bid not only benefits from the high quality of Jiabaoli paint, but also from the focus and meticulous service in the back line. Jiabaoli will strictly control the product quality, and carry out in-depth cooperation with Rongsheng real estate to create a strategic cooperative relationship of sustainable development

in recent years, the customer satisfaction and praise rate of real estate developers of garberry have been continuously improved. At present, garberry has cooperated with more than 360 real estate developers across the country, and has reached strategic cooperation relations with more than 60 top 100 real estate developers such as Vanke, country garden, Evergrande, Greenland group, China Resources Land, Xuhui group, etc., which has been highly recognized by the real estate industry

△ garberry won the "top 500 coating brands of China's real estate development enterprises in 2019"

actively applied for the national torch base in 201 and was successfully approved in the first half of this year; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions. In the 9-year selection of "top 500 preferred suppliers of China's real estate development enterprises", garberry ranked fifth in the coating category, up 1 place from previous years. It is reported that since 2012, it has been on the list of this category for six consecutive years; In addition, garberry also ranked among the top five in the colorful imitation stone category and the top five in the floor paint category

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