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Jiang Shujin: breathe in another way

the emerging media, the growing scale of enterprises and overseas service contact points have all brought unprecedented challenges to marketing. Marketing directors must broaden their responsibilities and establish a set of potential new priorities

the world looks very happy and more and more entertaining

a special computer company "well-known in the industry and unknown outside the industry" began its interactive entertainment journey after 16 years of anonymity

female: do you love me

man: Needless to say

female: when will we get married

man: isn't this good now

female: but I have

man: as long as it's not mine

men ignore the existence of women and continue to play Tai Chi

four grid comic works suspected of Zhu Deyong's style have recently become popular and popular on the Internet. These cartoons are titled "absolutely cheap men" respectively, and are divided into "Tai Chi men", "cheating men", "Oedipus men", "video game men" and so on. They are humorous and ironic, but also full of pictures and texts. Subsequently, the twelve constellations of cheap men, the legend of brother P and "looking for absolute cheap men" were launched one after another, leaving a picture of all men alive and vowing to expose these "cheap men" and "cheap behavior" to the end

when the curtain falls, there will always be an initiator to surface. Because no matter it is the cartoon of "absolute bitch" or the cartoon of "twelve constellations bitch", there is a watermark mark of "Yanxiang". It has to be speculated that Yanxiang is the initiator

at first, the enterprise didn't decide whether it was OK or not, and then slowly there was a high-level response, which was finally "officially admitted" on August 27, 2009. At this point, Yanxiang group, an unknown enterprise, began to slowly enter the public's vision

established in 1993, Yanxiang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yanxiang") is a typical "invisible champion" - listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003, becoming the only listed company in China

Yanxiang specializes in the manufacturing of special computers. At present, it mainly produces core components of industrial computers, such as ATM ATMs, highway monitors, subway ticket machines, etc. The special computers of the group are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, communication, highway, railway, finance, energy, power, coal mine safety, security and other fields

in 2008, the sales volume of Yanxiang group reached 4.6 billion yuan, an increase of 40% over the previous year, becoming the third largest professional computer enterprise in the world. In Chinese Mainland, it is No.1 Benefiting from the 2008 Olympic economy and the 4trillion market rescue plan in 2009, the performance of Yanxiang is increasing vigorously now and in the next few years

however, in the past few years, Evonik group, which has expanded overseas, has often been "courteously treated" by foreigners because of its low brand awareness. They show blank and ignorant eyes, and sometimes have words of disdain. Therefore, Yanxiang is determined to move from behind the scenes to the front desk and from specialization to public vision

from specialization to public vision, "this is our first network test." Jiang Shujin, vice president of Yanxiang group and director of marketing center, looked calm

both the former "anonymity" and the current high-profile are attributed to one thing: the needs of enterprise development

at present, Yanxiang group is at a critical point, the critical point of transforming from a professional brand to a popular brand

"industrial brands like Siemens have been unknown for the first 25 to 35 years, and they are all focusing on the market. They will not enter the public view until they have a solid foundation." Said chenzhilie, founder and chairman of Yanxiang group

IEEE Computer Association divides computers into three levels: home computers, commercial computers and special computers, among which industrial computers and military computers are special computers. Taking the adaptive temperature of work as the distinguishing mark, the working temperature of household and commercial computers is 0 to 45 degrees, that of industrial computers is - 40 to 85 degrees, and that of military computers is - 70 to 150 degrees

since 2003, there has been a new breakthrough in the special computer market. Buyers are no longer limited to the industry, but extend to communication, subway, highway, sports, agricultural irrigation, medical treatment, lottery issuance, environmental protection, coal mining and other industries. Procurement in these industries naturally belongs to non professional procurement, and more than 80% of them do not understand what special computers are

"the target audience has changed from professional purchase to non professional purchase. In the past, there were sporadic batches, and the purchasers and engineers of the company can basically determine it by themselves. Now, this product has become a large batch, and its purchasing decision-making power has risen to the point that only the middle and senior management of the company can make a final decision." Obviously, these middle and senior managers do not know much about the product itself

Yanxiang then set up more than 200 billboards at major airports across the country. This is not a brilliant idea for mass consumer goods, but it has caused an uproar in the industry. Previously, there was a misconception that the special computer industry is a monopoly market, and it is enough to make a fortune quietly. The so-called brand, just rely on the patience of the salesperson, point-to-point to inform each other, what is the product of this category. Yanxiang is to break this stereotype and move the cognition of mass consumer goods to the special computer industry

as you might expect, the special computer industry has high profits, but the market capacity is not very large. There are only two ways for enterprises to become bigger and stronger: one is to expand vertically to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain; the other is to move from domestic to international and explore the international market

it is not difficult to imagine an example of vertical expansion of the industrial chain, which is almost the commercialization of special technology. Such as polar Kuba, a special computer, can be used for civilian use with little or no modification. Because it is a reinforced computer, which is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, earthquake and water. This machine is used by the Antarctic scientific research team, Everest mountaineering team and the Oceanic Administration

and. All the products developed by Yanxiang are confidential, monitoring proof, shockproof and waterproof. Many people go to the beach to play or go to the bathroom for fear of slipping into the water. If they don't take it, they are afraid of missing it. This part of the demand must be. "In terms of technical level, we do it every minute." Jiang Shujin is very heroic

although special computers and civil computers are two completely different markets. But according to Jiang Shujin, their focus is "all high-tech products". The core competitiveness is to develop such materials, mainly the constituent materials and technologies of short-life products that are easy to be discarded, such as milk pots, bottle caps, plastic bags, etc. Since Yanxiang already has R & D and technical advantages, why not give full play to this advantage and go out a little bit

"from the perspective of market capacity, special computers can never be compared with civilian products." Jiang Shujin said that special computers rely on high added value to survive, and civilian products rely on enterprise scale to make profits. The profit models of the two are different. However, on the premise of maintaining the basic business of special computers, "when I inject the core technology of special computers into civilian products formed by one broaching process, its profit is not comparable to that of ordinary computers. In other words, I use the core technology to improve the added value of civilian products". From this perspective, special computers and civilian products are not contradictory markets. They have a central point, which is the core technology. Slowly spread out through core technology

another is the overseas market

Yanxiang group carefully adjusted its strategic direction in 2008. Overseas market, brand awareness and enterprise scale have become three very important keywords. "The foundation and focus of the group is still special computers, but it will take into account upstream and downstream products and overseas markets, which has led to our current publicity that breaks through the industry and provides the greatest flexibility for multiple research projects." Jiang Shujin said

another very important reason is the operation of the capital market. Yanxiang intelligence, a subsidiary of Yanxiang group, was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. It may return to A-share in the future, and it does not rule out the possibility of overseas listing

these decide that Yanxiang group will start to make some articles on brand building. Yanxiang group needs to go from being silent to being loud

the sports platform is the point, and the Internet is the face. In line with the strategic transformation of the group, Jiang Shujin made a major comb of the group's target audience. After combing, it is found that this is also a pyramid like structure

note that this is based on the target audience rather than the customer base. The core customer base of Yanxiang basic products has always been simple and clear: a group of people who are born in science and engineering, are over 35 years old, have great confidence in themselves and have great confidence in their judgment

the so-called target audience is the potential customer group

the Taki part is all urban residents aged 15-65 who will be affected by Yanxiang group. This part of the population is very extensive, and it is impossible to completely penetrate it in a short time, which requires 5-10 years of long-term accumulation. This is the preparation for the possible future investment of the group in other aspects; The second level is urban white-collar workers aged 25 ~ 45, which is considered for the group's capital market actions; The top level is the crowd that special computers will affect, which is the middle and senior level of large and medium-sized enterprises

from top to bottom, they are the continuation of time, which is a phased work to be done in the short term, medium term, long term and long term

corresponding to these target audiences, Yanxiang needs to build corresponding platforms to correspond with them one by one

the first platform is the financial platform, which is the earliest and the most perfect platform built by Yanxiang group so far. The financial platform is more rigorous and reaches the target audience more directly. The financial platform mainly affects the target audience of the current basic business

in order to influence the second level target audience, Yanxiang group builds a sports platform and entertainment platform

at the beginning of 2009, Yanxiang group began to contact Manchester United and widely solicited the opinions of the society on bidding for Manchester United chest advertisements. Finally, it ran aground for various reasons, but the original intention at that time was to build a sports platform with rare opportunities in addition to the needs of overseas markets. The entertainment platform is the area that Yanxiang group will gradually cover this year and next

"it is the network that really affects Taki. No TV media or print media can affect such a large group. It is difficult to do this, only Internet can." Jiang Shujin said

financial platform, sports platform, entertainment platform and networking platform will be the four strong support points to support the brand communication of Yanxiang group in the next 10 years, or even in the longer term

"networking platforms should be a long-term focus in the future. Whether it is the expansion of enterprise scale or the expansion of social popularity, the role of networking media cannot be underestimated. Sports platforms and entertainment platforms will be important means of promoting key activities. They are face-to-face and point-to-point. It is worth mentioning that sports media, since Yanxiang group has gone down, it will definitely not give up easily." Jiang Shujin said

allied forces

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