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Jiang Chengkang attended the video conference on cigarette packaging label adjustment. Beijing News: on September 22, the video conference on cigarette packaging label adjustment was held in Beijing. Jiang Chengkang, director of the state tobacco monopoly administration, and Zhang Baozhen, deputy director, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Jin Zhongli, director of the Department of science and technology, presided over the meeting

the main content of this meeting is to earnestly implement the Framework Convention on tobacco control, ensure the smooth transition of new and old cigarette packaging labels, report the adjustment and existing problems of cigarette packaging labels of the whole industry through contact information, and deploy the next work

Jiang Chengkang stressed that first, we should recognize the situation and improve our understanding to ensure a smooth transition between new and old packaged cigarettes; Second, we should strengthen the implementation of the Framework Convention on tobacco control and comprehensively improve the level of technological innovation; Third, we should attach great importance to cigarette quality technology, which is a new type of green building materials product technology supervision that truly conforms to the national environmental protection policy, to ensure product quality and safety. He hoped that leaders at all levels in the whole industry would attach great importance to it, pay close attention to its implementation, strive for practical results, speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology, and make new efforts and contributions to the sustained and healthy development of the industry, the enhancement of China's overall competitive strength of tobacco and the development of the national economy

Zhang Baozhen made a speech entitled "raise awareness, make full preparations, and strive to successfully complete the adjustment of cigarette packaging label power supply and power: 3-phase 4-wire 50hz380v180w". He pointed out that at present, the implementation of the "provisions of the people's Republic of China on the marking of cigarette packaging" in the whole industry is generally good, and the work is progressing smoothly. He stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the awareness of hardship, scientifically assess market risks, and do a good job in the limit control of material procurement, marketing publicity, as well as the information feedback and adjustment after the new version of packaged cigarette products are launched one after another; We should interact with industry and commerce, work together to ensure a smooth transition, do detailed things and do real things. He also made further explanation and emphasis on centralized examination, registration and taxation after trademark revision, new product approval and other issues

heads of relevant departments of the National Bureau, leaders in charge of units directly under the industry and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting

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