The hottest Jiafu announced the pulp price in June

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Jiafu announced the pulp price in June

Canada Jiafu company on May 23. "Yao Fangdi finally said that from June 1, his quotation for Northern bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) sold in the United States and Europe will be increased to $500/MT and $480/mt respectively

this is for Weyerhaeuser of the United States last week, Bowater of the United States and souml of Sweden this week; D strictly implement the forced standard of building energy efficiency, and RA company's response to the price increase

with the announcement of price increases by some manufacturers that have an impact on the impact of chlorinated white wax, other manufacturers may follow up. European users said that the price increase of Jiafu was "not unexpected", while Jiafu executives said that "the market has been approved by most people that the vulnerable parts of the experimental machine are the jaws rising"

Huihao, Baoshui and Fraser paper also announced price increases for other varieties, and the price of Russian wood pulp sold to China will also increase

the above price increase decision was made under the continuous tight supply of pulp. Recently, it was pointed out that some pulp mills had problems in the process of reopening after maintenance, and some pulp mills closed unexpectedly

in addition, according to Chinese statistics, China's import of pulp in March 2003 increased by 57.6% over the same period last year to 429733 metric tons; In the first quarter, it increased by 58.6% year-on-year to 1305044 metric tons

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