The hottest Jiamusi power generation glass project

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Heilongjiang Jiamusi power generation glass project completed an investment of 100million yuan

the causes and troubleshooting of such failures located in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province: (1) the CdTe low light power generation glass project of China building materials in the high-tech zone with uneven hardness tester installation firmly grasps the golden construction period of the project construction and continues to expand effective investment. At present, the investment of 100million yuan has been completed, and the installation of the main frame of the steel structure in the joint workshop has been completed by two thirds, the installation of the roof has been completed by one third, and the concrete floor has been completed by half

this project is a new energy development project. This kind of power generation glass "with light, China's valve industry develops rapidly and has electricity". For this purpose, the "small glass" can be "transformed" into a building material that can generate electricity by evenly coating only 4 micron cadmium telluride photoelectric film on the insulating semiconductor glass. After the cadmium telluride power generation glass production line project is put into operation in Jiamusi next year, this kind of power generation glass can be used in buildings in Heilongjiang Province

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