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Jiahe industry has designed a new packaging technology

Jiahe industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has launched a new high barrier multi-layer packaging, which can extend the shelf life of the best-selling corn hot dog sausage produced by Linyi Xincheng Jinluo meat products Co., Ltd. under the condition of relative humidity greater than 80%. This packaging technology can keep the freshness of corn hot dog sausage in the strict high humidity environment. It is also the first time to use polyolefin/saran coextrusion film in meat processing in the world

the corn hot dog sausage produced by Jinluo meat products Co., Ltd. will increase the friction between the moving parts. The product contains% natural corn ingredients. This makes the corn hot dog sausage sweet and increases its moisture content. Jiahe industry can often become a key area to stimulate the development of new industries. The new packaging design uses saran polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) film to maintain the freshness of products, and still maintains high barrier characteristics when exposed to moisture in products or exposed to the high humidity environment in Southeast China

Zhang Lifeng, chief engineer and R & D director of Linyi Xincheng Jinluo meat products Co., Ltd., said: "As a leading meat processing enterprise, the relative error of our load indication should not exceed ± 1%. Strict standards are adopted in the selection of packaging materials. Due to the factors of formula, processing, circulation and other production of corn hot dog sausage, we need a new technology that can provide superior barrier and transparency. Traditional ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) Film packaging is prone to moisture. Once the water barrier of EVOH decreases, bacteria will breed, causing meat deterioration, sausage discoloration and packaging expansion (bulging bag). Through cooperation with Jiahe industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and repeated experiments, we found that using PVDC film packaging on corn hot dog sausage can significantly extend the shelf life and improve the appearance of the product. "

the reason why Jiahe industry chose saran polyvinylidene chloride film for its packaging is that this composite film structure is particularly suitable as a highly water and oxygen barrier material in high humidity environment. In addition, the film has strong transparency and high gloss, which can make the appearance of the product crystal clear. The multi-layer film structure can be customized according to customer requirements, so as to meet various requirements for storage and shelf life. It can be widely used in food, processed meat products, cosmetics and chemical products, as well as modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum packaging and thermoforming packaging, especially for applications requiring good oxygen isolation in high humidity environments. In addition, such films tend to be more cost-effective by eliminating or reducing the stacking or coating processes necessary to achieve the barrier and other functions required for various applications. The superior barrier property of saran PVDC film also brings the possibility of reducing material standards, which can reduce the overall cost

this innovative packaging has won the "highest honor award" selected by the DuPont China Packaging Award in 2005, in recognition of its new technology of simultaneously processing heat sensitive and non heat sensitive resins with processing temperature difference in the extrusion molding process. By using multi-layer heat insulation technology in the equipment, Jiahe industry can produce effective structures through one-step process to meet the functional requirements of sausage packaging. Jiahe Industrial's packaging has been used on millions of sausages expected to be sold this year

DuPont China Packaging Award provides a platform for trade professionals to share, learn and discuss some beneficial improvements and progress in China's packaging industry. The selection activity recognizes the innovative discoveries in all links of the food processing and packaging supply chain, from technology and process, to equipment and processors, and then to terminal packaging enterprises. A panel of seven packaging and food experts selected the winners

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