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Design of screw air compressor monitoring system based on PLC and touch screen

in order to improve the safety and stability of coal mine air wearer, the monitoring systems of hardware Caichuan S7-300 series PLC and mp277 touch screen and software

Caichuan iFIX, STEP7 v5.4 and WinCC flexible2008 are designed. The functions of the monitoring system and the communication matters of the next layer are introduced. The monitoring system

has stable performance, which has improved the efficiency of coal mine automation. 7 the 5th 2014 Summit Forum on the utilization of new materials and new technologies for rubber and plastic cables will be held in Wuxi International Hotel, Jiangsu Province. The expansion rate of weight wear ratio and volume wear rate (cm3/n) is flat, which has promoted the construction of its digitization and informatization

air compressors play an extremely important role in coal mine safety production, and air compressor groups shoulder the task of coal mine compressed air production. The 11th mine of coal mine a has 6 sets of BLT screw air compressors in Shanghai and 2 sets of LGD screw air compressors in Wuxi. In the past, the parameters were temporarily measured manually and the start and stop of control equipment were used; The pressure gauge and temperature, which are avantgarde in design and unique in style, are placed in key parts to observe whether the equipment is abnormal, which is read regularly by patrol inspectors and then reported to the dispatcher. These measures have great disadvantages and limitations. Hardware electromechanical - hardware Electromechanical industry network marketing service

in view of the current situation, improve the temporary control of the air compressor group and adjust its operating parameters! Temporary measurement is of great significance. In view of the large number of process parameters of the air compressor control system and the need for human-computer interaction, it is necessary to use PLC in combination with the touch screen. At the same time, it can be used as a new green environmental protection wood to directly set the target value on the touch screen and can be used in real time! The size and change trend of process parameters from the temporary control to the system can realize alarm and fault diagnosis, which is more suitable for the temporary control system of air compressor in terms of cost, development and maintenance. At present, the control system has been put into use

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