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Printing and packaging occupy an absolute advantage in the market

(1) in recent years, a new process of plate printing, that is, the imitation metal etching printing process, has attracted great attention in the packaging industry with its unique printing visual effect. The so-called imitation metal etching is to use the process method of plate printing on the surface of the substrate with metal mirror gloss to open the imitation metal etching oil return or reset system (oil return valve or software control) to print on it, Get a kind of like. The unique visual effect of metal treated by corrosion, carving or sanding. This imitation metal etching process is mostly used in some high-end and exquisite packaging carton factories, showing its elegance, solemnity and luxury

(2) with the continuous popularization of imitation metal etching, new ink and printing technology have been introduced to the market, and a new process of "ice flower" texture effect has been demonstrated. This printing process is to print ice flower ink on the surface of multi gloss materials such as gold and silver foil cardboard. The full-automatic spring testing machine is dedicated to the test material of spring tension and compression. In particular, the change from hot drying to UV lamp irradiation can still produce exquisite ice flowers, just like the "ice flowers" on glass windows in winter, which are shiny. The printed packaging products are more novel and unique, rich and luxurious, and are welcomed by customers

(3) in recent years, refractive printing technology has sprung up. The traditional method of making refractive effect is to make copper zinc plate with refractive texture, and press out fine lines at different angles and evenly spaced on the substrate based on gold and silver aluminum foil paper with a circular press or a circular press to produce refractive texture effect. The disadvantage of this technology is that it requires expensive production cost, and the effect is not ideal due to the limitation of slow light control response on the surface of the substrate

today's sophisticated edition technology is combined with advanced computer production technology. By means of plate printing, we can print fine and colorful laser halos on mirror gold and silver foil cards. At the same time, scientific research should also allow the possible failure and repeated refraction patterns at a certain stage, so as to make the packaging box of plate printing more noble and gorgeous

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