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Screw thread beer bottle facilitates consumers

recently, a beer bottle and bottle cap with screw thread launched at the China beer and beverage manufacturing technology and equipment exhibition has attracted the attention of the beer industry

on the basis of not changing the original glass bottle, this kind of beer bottle has changed the practicality of the beer bottle. A multi screw screw thread is designed at the bottle mouth. The bottle cap adopts the metal beer bottle cap circulating in the market. It is very convenient to directly rotate the bottle cap to open the beer bottle without any opening tools. When the bottle industry produces this product, it can be produced only by changing the mouth mold without increasing the production cost

when using this product in the beer industry, there is no need to change or replace the original filling and capping equipment. The bottle cap is directly filled and capped. Under the stamping of the capping machine compared with traditional materials, an internal thread matching the multi screw thread designed at the bottle mouth is formed to buckle the bottle cap. Its tensile force is greater than that of the traditional bottle mouth, with good safety. The beer industry also does not increase production costs, and avoids smoke and the damage to the bottle mouth caused by opening with tools, The utility model has the advantages of multiple and secondary recycling in the waterproofing of high-speed railway bridge deck with similar structure and environmental conditions

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