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The era of silk screen printing consumables is rising. Green silk screen printing is favored

[China Packaging News] looking back on the past few years, with the vigorous promotion of green silk screen printing by the state and the active publicity of the concept of green silk screen printing by the society, with the promulgation and implementation of environmental protection standards, the greening process of silk screen printing consumables has been continuously accelerated. Green seems to have become the main melody of the development of silk screen printing consumables. Rice bran ink and PEF materials have high thermal stability. Many green screen printing consumables such as recycled paper, alcohol-free fountain solution and CTP plates are coming in one after another, which makes screen printing enterprises wonder about the cost and process maturity of green screen printing consumables while lamenting the rapid change of green screen printing technology

it is undeniable that many screen printing enterprises avoid green screen printing consumables due to cost reasons and think that green screen printing consumables are only the exclusive products of some large screen printing enterprises. But does the use of green screen printing consumables bring only a rise in costs to screen printing enterprises? This is not the case. For example, the use of alcohol free fountain solution not only saves the cost of ethanol, but also improves the quality of printing products and the workshop environment; The application of environment-friendly car washing water can not only save the amount of car washing water, but also do no harm to human health; The use of vegetable oil-based ink can not only meet the screen printing requirements with less ink, but also is not easy to cause screen printing failure. From this point of view, the hidden cost saved by using green screen printing consumables is immeasurable. The cost of using green screen printing consumables by screen printing enterprises should also be comprehensively considered. We should not only focus on the purchase cost of green screen printing consumables

we are glad to see that some achievements have been made in the application and promotion of green screen printing consumables. However, we have to admit that the performance of green screen printing consumables on the market is still uneven. First, 3. The gas medium used in this system must be kept clean. Green screen printing consumables can not fully meet the needs of screen printing production. For example, the printing resistance and point reduction quality of completely free CTP plates can not fully meet the needs of commercial screen printing; Alcohol free fountain solution can not fully adapt to the traditional fountain system; The drying speed and gloss of water-based glazing oil need to be improved. However, with the continuous R & D and improvement of green screen printing consumables by green screen printing consumables suppliers and the attempts and practices of more screen printing enterprises, it is believed that these problems will be solved in the near future

in the future, the process of green screen printing is bound to accelerate. More and more screen printing enterprises will combine the development of society and enterprises. With the help of green screen printing consumables, they will take the green express and drive towards the green future. Let's look forward to a better green screen printing consumables. It is a rare experimental equipment for testing the fatigue performance of springs. Come on

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