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As we all know, in the printing workflow, the display effect of the same document on multiple displays that have not been adjusted is different, and the color seen on the display may be very different from the final printed matter. The fundamental reason for the difference between the color displayed on the computer display and the printed matter lies in the different color rendering pump. In order to enable people to instantly see the actual effect of future printing or printing from the display in each printing process, it is necessary to extract the color rendering characteristics of the display used, the equipment and materials used in printing or printing, and input these characteristics into the color management system, so that the display can simulate the color rendering effect after output, and achieve the goal of "what you see is what you get", that is, soft proofing on the screen

screen soft proofing can directly display the effect after printing output on the screen. It is flexible and convenient to use, so it is welcomed by image makers. It has been more and more widely used in the prepress plate making department, but it is also the direction of technical development. At present, Europe and Japan have established relatively perfect technical standards for soft proofing, and the printing industry in China is also conducting research and feasibility demonstration in this regard. After several years of practical application, Yachang has established a set of convenient soft proofing technical standards suitable for the needs of the company. I'm willing to communicate with you here. I hope you can give me some advice on the internal problems

(I) configuration of soft proofing system

since its inception, Yachang has actively carried out the research and practical application of various high-precision printing technologies. After more than 10 years of development, at present, the application of screen soft proofing technology in Yachang is becoming more and more perfect. The image production department, the core of the application of soft proofing technology, is a large-scale and well managed department among similar departments in China

1. hardware

(1) the image production department of Apple G4 and G5 hosts has hundreds of Apple G4 computers for prepress image and text processing. In recent years, G5 hosts have been introduced to replace old equipment to improve product quality and production efficiency. Because the excellent performance of Apple G5 can better meet the current printing process requirements, it can provide a perfect creative platform for digital printing, color management, digital imaging, etc

(2) Yizhuo C. Ioredge Series LCD

Yizhuo C. Ioredge Series LCD is a professional display for graphic design and printing professional users. Its biggest feature is accurate color, which is conducive to calibration and prepress production

(3) standard light sources

standard light sources are uniformly used in the workshop to reduce the impact of unstable light sources on the vision of workers and facilitate the restoration of color; Moreover, placing green plants in the workshop is conducive to alleviating the visual fatigue of workers

2。 The software

adopts profilemaker color management software, which combines powerful color management technology, can support many file formats, has convenient and easy-to-operate color correction means and extremely high computing speed, and can be easily used in conjunction with image processing software Photoshop to achieve stable quality control

3. high quality operators

advanced hardware and software configuration requires excellent technicians to operate. Yachang not only has a large number of skilled technicians, but also has continuously introduced college students from major professional colleges in recent years, so as to reserve excellent talents for the development of the enterprise and continuously expand the technical team. High quality talents, standardized management system and standardized workflow are the important factors for the success of Yachang

(II) application of soft proofing

at present, the printing and publishing industry is popularizing digital workflow and unified and standardized printing standards, which undoubtedly provide basic conditions for shortening delivery time, saving cost and stabilizing quality. However, the hard copy sample of the output file hinders the transmission of information in the process, and greatly reduces the speed of the whole process. Soft proofing can save the time of proofing, printing and preview, and accelerate the running speed of digital workflow

The key technology of

screen soft proofing lies in the accurate correction of the screen and the color management of the whole system. The Amama value of the Yizhuo color edge display used by Yachang has been comprehensively adjusted before leaving the factory, and each display has stable quality. Adhere to professional testing and adjustment of the display and standard light source at regular intervals to ensure the maximum consistency between the display effect of the display and the color of the printed product after soft proofing

the key points for adjusting the display are as follows

(1) the color rendering of the corrected display shall be uniform, which is conducive to the calibration of the color gamut range and the accuracy of the display

(2) ICC Pro Chuan e file of standard printing linearity is generated by spectrophotometer and international standard color code it8

correct adjustment of the display can ensure the predictability and repeatability of color in the printing process and the accuracy of color restoration

the commonly used plasticity indexes for soft printing images are elongation and reduction of area, and the first is color conversion. For soft proofing of images in Photoshop, two color space transformations need to be completed: one is the transformation from image color space to output device color space; The second is the conversion from proofing color space to display color space. Once you master how to use Photoshop for soft proofing, the predictability of the output image becomes higher and higher. In addition, in actual production, only with stable printing process and equipment parameters as well as the standardization and digitization of the entire color management system, can we make better use of the Photoshop software environment and establish correct parameters with the screen to carry out the color management of screen soft proofing, that is, each customer's document, from scanning, production, color matching, proofing to plate making and printing, should adopt the same color management mode and file format, Ensure the best copy and restore of color and layout. Only in this way can we save the time of repeatedly making physical samples, save resources and improve production efficiency

(to be continued)

(III) comparison between soft proofing and digital proofing

proofing, as a bridge between prepress and printing, plays a very important role in printing, is a standard for controlling prepress and printing quality, and is also the basis for implementing color management. In the rapid response process of digital workflow, accurate reproduction of color is the fundamental to realize screen soft printing and digital proofing. Nowadays, the combination of screen soft proofing and digital proofing is an indispensable part of the prepress workflow of most enterprises

digital proofing technology is a popular proofing method at present. It has completely realized digital control. Compared with traditional proofing, it has changed the previous complex printing production process, reduced production costs, shortened production cycle, improved the stability of plate making and printing quality, and made the customer's signing time ahead of time. It is more rapid, simple and accurate. As a new proofing method, screen soft proofing not only has the advantages of digital proofing, but also has the following characteristics compared with digital proofing

(1) directly predict the printing output effect on the screen to achieve "WYSIWYG"

(2) it provides a platform for direct communication with customers

(3) there is no need to repeatedly make physical samples, which saves time and material consumption

(4) it improves work efficiency and is more conducive to quality control

(5) it has more advantages in remote proofing

years of experience have shown that if all equipment in the production process is properly characterized and standard light sources are strictly used, soft proofing will be very accurate. However, the soft proofing lacks the necessary portability and durability, and can not be evaluated under different lighting conditions, nor does it really exist like the real sample. Although the quality of soft proofing system for professional display has been guaranteed, the common display on ordinary computer still can not meet the quality requirements of soft proofing, which hinders the popularization and development of soft proofing technology

(IV) a bit of experience

most of the products of Yachang are high-grade and exquisite printed materials. The original works are mostly high-grade pictures that can seek a longer-term future. The color quality of the images determines the success or failure of the entire album. Therefore, each page of the high-grade album usually needs to be modified many times in the production process. Obviously, relying on the existing mature digital proofing technology can also meet the requirements of users, but in order to pursue speed, For quality stability and cost-effectiveness, we still introduce soft proofing. The adjustment technician can compare and modify the adjusted image with the original at any time, which not only ensures the speed and quality, but also saves the cost of repeated digital proofing. In addition, in order to serve customers to the greatest extent, the image production department often needs to change the design at any time according to customers' requirements. In this case, it is more necessary to conduct screen soft proofing so as to respond to various needs of customers in a timely manner

at present, many customers ignore proofing in order to save money, which virtually increases the probability of error. Compared with the loss after error, the cost of proofing can be ignored. If the customer really does not need proofing, we should pay more attention to it. We should carefully check and verify the soft proofing. We should not only consider the interests of the company, but also consider the reputation of the company and the relationship with customers

in addition, establishing a good cooperative relationship with suppliers of soft proofing is also the key to success and profit in the application of soft proofing technology

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