The most popular SDN market share will exceed 18bi

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Four years later, the SDN market share will exceed 18billion, and global manufacturers will accelerate to seize the market. According to the news on November 28, the market research company infoneticsresearch released the SDN market report for enterprises and data centers. In 2018, the SDN global market scale is expected to reach 18billion US dollars, and a real leader in the SDN market will be born within two years

in fact, with the rapid evolution of SDN industry from concept to commercial deployment in the past two years, the second biggest problem affecting the domestic construction quality, which is the most popular network cutting-edge technology in recent years, seems to have successfully passed the wait-and-see period of manufacturers, and has been recognized by more than 90% of the global network manufacturers

the figure shows the SDN market report of enterprises and data centers released by infoneticsresearch.

at present, in order to prevent the monopoly pattern from breaking, the traditional network giants have actively developed SDN related technologies and products with a view to the future market. DCN has obtained the first openflow1.0 certification in China; All H3C products support SDN and have been applied in commercial deployment; ZTE has successively joined SDN, nfv and other key international organizations to provide comprehensive solutions through multi-point deployment; Huawei started from the operators and started its research and development in the two directions of complete function and simple use. Recently, it has successfully deployed with the three major operators in China, and took the lead in realizing SDN commercial use from the three scenarios of PTN, IDC and ipran

traditional enterprises such as Intel and Dell, which have long coveted the network market, also seem to see the dawn, and step up their time to plan ahead and seize the land: Intel has successfully acquired fulcrummicrosystems, WinDriver, aepona and other SDN related institutions in recent three years, trying to comprehensively promote its SDN strategic layout through capital mergers and acquisitions

pica8, Ixia, sibolen and other related manufacturers try to launch the latest business with the help of the new industry wave and occupy more market share. From December 8 to 9, the 2014 China future network development and innovation forum and the global SDN Open Network Summit (hereinafter referred to as the future network and SDN Summit) will be held in Nanjing. Representatives of major manufacturers around the world will appear at the future network and SDN summit one after another. It seems like a meeting of heroes in the brewing theory. We know that the national standard for high temperature tensile testing now has provisions: rib is used for round samples, which is not lively for a while

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