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On January 20, 2018, the first phase of 2018 "terminal intelligent profit system" training meeting of ecohome successfully concluded in Hefei, the headquarters

on January 20, 2018, the first session of 2018 "terminal intelligent profit system" training meeting of e-go home successfully ended in Hefei, the headquarters

"terminal intelligent design software" training has been held for 32 times since its opening in 2014, and more than 1200 designers have been trained for terminal stores

"terminal intelligent profit system" training will be hosted by eCoach business school, aiming to comprehensively improve the design ability of eCoach terminal store staff

this training course mainly includes product knowledge, software design, kujiale software mapping, software quotation and order placing, etc. the trainers teach flexibly, and the students benefit a lot

in the course of teaching, the tutor combined theory with practice, guided the students to visit the exhibition hall and workshop, and the students listened while recording

in the multimedia training room, students practice on the machine, learn from each other, create a good learning atmosphere, and lay a solid foundation for successful graduation

5 days of study, students grow into qualified designers, gain graduation certificates with excellent results, and gain rich software design knowledge

a student from Nanjing said, "I am a designer myself. This training makes me understand that designers not only know how to design and do schemes, but also how to sell. Integrate the needs of customers into the design and design schemes according to the ideas of customers. This training has taught me systematic design knowledge, and the design level has been greatly improved. Thank the company."

software training enables students to learn the design knowledge and design sales skills of the system, learn and use them flexibly, implement them into the actual store management, highly recognize and grasp customer needs, and improve service levels. In the future, Yigao will strengthen the training of terminal designers and build a team of excellent terminal designers





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