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In the design of duplex rooms, stairs play a key role. After all, they are the successor of the former (maybe it should be called connecting up and down)

in the design of duplex rooms, stairs play a key role. After all, they are the successor of the front (maybe it should be called connecting up and down)

in home, stairs mainly include the following:

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1, straight stairs. It is rare now. Because it takes up too much space

2. Arc ladder. There are still some duplex rooms with this design, but this design is only suitable for large duplex rooms

3. Folding ladder. The design of most duplex rooms

4. Spiral ladder. Variant of folding ladder

of course, there are many kinds in form, which is difficult to say one by one, but in terms of material, it is easier to count them

the ladder can be decorated with any material in home decoration, such as solid wood, slate, ceramic tile, steel plate, carpet, etc

the key of ladder is the design of handrail. The quality of handrail design is the top priority to evaluate the design of a ladder

mirror stainless steel or other silver faced metal is the most taboo in the design of indoor handrails. If you really want to use stainless steel, it is recommended to use matte stainless steel. According to my experience, the most ideal material for stair railing is forged steel, followed by cast iron, wood and porcelain

the most ideal handrail material is wood, followed by stone

building level design is often finalized in architecture. But there are also many owners who dismantle and refit. In any case, if you want to redesign the shape, the best material is cement concrete, then steel structure, and then wood. In this regard, it is important to make the stairs make as little noise as possible when pedestrians are walking

another noteworthy problem is the meeting problem. I have seen many temporary renovated stairs. You should be careful when going up the stairs, which is less natural and unrestrained for duplex rooms

other problems needing attention in stair decoration:

1. The slope of stairs should not be too large. This is not only considering the elderly and children, but also a noteworthy thing for an ordinary adult

2. Stairs are high wear parts, and relatively solid materials should be used

3. The width of the handrail of the stairs should be large or small, and the possibility of a child's collet should be considered. Either the child's head cannot enter, or it can pass freely

4. For stairs with cracks, pay attention to the appearance of women when wearing short skirts to avoid embarrassment

5. The tread of stairs should be rounded to avoid injury to feet





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