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Federal furniture strives to create color eloge to ignite the positive energy of color. The colorful color combination and the perfection of various colors will let you wander in the colorful array of new products, and let you immediately experience the pleasure of your eyes

Federal furniture strives to create color elogo, detonating positive color energy. Colorful color combinations and the perfection of multiple colors will let you wander in a colorful array of new products, and let you immediately experience the pleasure of your eyes

experience a colorful home journey in the sun

I'm tired of the cold "black and white gray", and rich colors are enough to express my love for life. With the continuous development of society, all positive, healthy, inspiring, powerful and promising people and things are labeled as "positive energy"

the designers and R & D team of the Federal furniture group have deeply summarized the consumer demand in the past decade, combined with the unique product personality and set characteristics of ilogo series, adhered to the color fashion trend, and comprehensively used color coating, so as to make the style and color match perfectly, so that you can intuitively and comfortably experience the pleasure of home color. Ilogo continues to stimulate people's imagination and infinite pursuit of life in painting. On the basis of the original naked red and walnut color, the company has newly developed six color coatings, namely, sea blue, lilac, federal red, palm green, rose red and neon orange. Experience the infinite colors of nature and the warmth of sunshine everywhere; Dynamic rhythm, stimulate your surging "positive color energy"; The freshness and wisdom of blue, the vitality and vigor of green, the romance and love of purple, the sunshine and enthusiasm of orange... Let you perfectly experience the new colorful home journey

under the sun, the true pursuit of self

ilogo makeup new products are more refined on the basis of the original coating effect, which is different from the thickness and stiffness of other products in the market

when the color meets the imported European beech, ilogo series fully displays the streamer and translucent color, and also rigorously pursues the lifelike, transparent and three-dimensional wood texture. Combined with the unique lb-ect electrostatic coating technology, it presents you with delicate hand feel, three-dimensional texture, visual warmth, and picturesque color. These all express the infinite changes and vitality of nature; All express your pursuit and love for life of the younger generation; All are expressing their true selves, feelings and nature under the sun

there are 9 series of ilogo product lines, combined with 8 painting combinations, and there is always one that suits you and moves you. What it conveys to people is more about the collision between color and space, so that you, as the protagonist, can enjoy yourself more, gracefully and freely. You can choose according to your personal home needs, color preferences, etc





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