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Many people around are feeling that just after the half of May, they have received fiveorsix "red bombs". 520. The network homophonic "I love you", in the upcoming romantic day of May 20, a large number of new couples will enter the palace of marriage

in May, the decoration market fell into a battle for wedding clothes

the wedding tide came. In May, the decoration market also fell into a "wedding dress battle". According to what the reporter learned, the main force in the decoration market this year is the "rigid demand group", and more than half of the "rigid demand group" are wedding dress people. They are "not stingy" in decoration, and have higher requirements for design and materials, driving the rise of decoration business

wedding house owners have become the main force of decoration

the property market has been regulated for nearly two years. Rigid needs have become the main body of house purchase, and rigid needs have also become the main consumer group in the decoration industry

"from the situation reflected in the order, the majority of consumers live in and decorate, and most of the orders are just need owners who are going to get married in the second half of the year." Said huqinrong, marketing director of Meiting home

in addition to Meiting decoration, decoration companies of many mass consumption brands, such as creative decoration, new Aihua decoration and Red Bull decoration, also take rigid demand consumers as the main source of customers. In addition, wedding dress is the largest group in rigid demand, which is showing an upward trend, accounting for 20% of the total decoration, and more than half of the total decoration

in May, the decoration market also fell into a "wedding dress battle"

the reporter learned that in order to compete for this part of the wedding dress consumer group, some decoration companies, such as Meiting home, specially launched a marketing campaign with the theme of wedding room decoration on May 20

some decoration companies, such as new Aihua decoration, have set up separate business modules for wedding room decoration. Although some decoration companies do not set up wedding wear modules separately, they all have designers who focus on wedding house design

Wedding dress has always been synonymous with "luxury dress"

Wang Shanlin, chairman of Red Bull decoration, told reporters that from the overall consumption trend, many citizens have spent most of their savings when buying a house, and their consumption capacity will be relatively reduced or even significantly insufficient for decoration

"but compared with other rigid decoration needs, people are still more willing to invest in the decoration of wedding houses." Wang Shanlin said, for example, wedding decoration will be more willing to use brand decoration materials, and more willing to do some personalized design in the house design. "So many people in the industry also regard wedding decoration as a synonym for luxury decoration."

"newlyweds not only have a certain economic strength in the purchase of wedding houses, but also are more generous in the decoration of wedding houses," said Wang Songshi, a well-known designer of Jiangsu Jinhua Decoration. In recent years, the wedding market has continued to be hot, and newlyweds' expectations for the grade of home decoration have become higher and higher, further driving the overall level of wedding house decoration

Meiting home designer Feng Weihua also told reporters that young people in wedding clothes are more willing to pay designers to design home styles

in our traditional concept, marriage is a major event in life, so we attach great importance to the layout of new houses and the purchase of furniture and household appliances. How much money you spend is not the most important thing. The key is to achieve your ideal. "So wedding dress is also the most prone to over budget."

the decoration of the wedding room is more and more advanced

the wedding banquet will be held in May next year. Many couples have booked hotels for the wedding banquet in May this year

young people are also planning in advance for the decoration of wedding houses. "Grabbing the wedding dress share in May is actually competing for the market of the golden wedding season in October, and many people are getting married in the first half of next year." Designer Feng Weihua said

the reporter learned that the delay of decoration construction period has always been a common phenomenon in the decoration industry. In order not to delay the decoration of the wedding house due to unexpected circumstances, but also to reserve a longer time to ventilate the decorated house, the spare time reserved for the decoration of many "post-80s" wedding houses is also getting longer and longer. "I have also contacted several wedding dress cases and actively requested to extend the working period. First, I want to work slowly and carefully, and also want to supplement my own decoration needs with wages."

the proportion of second-hand houses in the decoration of wedding houses is also increasing. "A few years ago, most of the wedding houses we decorated were new houses. This year, in the decoration of wedding houses, the proportion of second-hand houses and new houses is similar. "Feng Weihua said.

early married people love fashion

late married people should be practical

what kind of decoration style do prospective newlyweds like? Many designers said that the wedding home decoration style is becoming more and more diversified, the possibility of pure style in the wedding home is becoming smaller and smaller, and the owner has more and more room to play freely. The wedding home should be both practical and fashionable, and whether it is more practical or fashionable is different from the owner of the wedding home Age has something to do with it

generally speaking, "early marriage people" or people who don't plan to have children in the next five years pursue a fashionable and personalized style in the decoration of wedding houses. Mediterranean, European, rural and other home styles are their favorite, or more personalized design and soft decoration are integrated into the modern simple style

generally, the "late marriage people" who get married after the age of 28 take more account of the problem that they will change from "two people's world" to "many people's world" soon after marriage, so these people pay more attention to practical functions when decorating the wedding room, will plan the children's room and the elderly room when decorating, and will not use a lot of glass, mirror and other designs in the decoration, so as not to bring some unsafe factors to children in the future




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