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The reasonable collocation of sofa carpet can bring more colors to everyone's life and make it win everyone's love. Everyone has different opinions on how to match the color of sofa carpet, and they all want to use their own unique design to make their homes shine with different charm. The following editor will introduce how to clean the sofa carpet and how to match the color of the sofa carpet

how to clean the sofa carpet

1. Local cleaning

if the sofa carpet is stained with stains, immediately use a towel with high water absorption to dry such stains, then pour warm water on the stained place, and repeat the water absorption operation until the liquid is completely sucked dry. If the stain is difficult to clean, add a mild detergent, soak it in local warm water for 10-15min, and then clean it with clean water

2. Dry naturally

for those wool carpets, it is best to hang them for drying after cleaning to avoid wrinkles on the carpet surface. However, for larger carpets, it is recommended to clean them with the car and use high-pressure faucets, which is labor-saving and low cost

3. Brush combing

after cleaning the sofa carpet, you can comb the fluff, which can keep the original touch and bright luster of the sofa carpet. When the carpet is 60% - 80% dry, you can comb along the fiber with a brush to comb the carpet ears flat

how to match the color of sofa carpet

1. Coffee

beds and sofas can be interchanged, which can save space and highlight a saturated state as a whole. Therefore, in the choice of carpet, the best material to choose is a hairy carpet, and the color should also be pure color. You can choose coffee color

2. Gray

sofa carpet and high-end glass tea look beautiful and practical, with unique color stripes in the middle as the finishing touch, and then the floor can choose a relatively simple one, mainly gray as the main tone

3, green

in order to achieve the balance effect, we can choose green sofa carpet. We can choose green with the same color as the cushion. At this time, we can achieve a first echo effect

editor's summary: that's all for how to clean the sofa carpet and how to match the color of the sofa carpet. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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