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Foxconn's robot project will be put into production in Luoyang again

following the offline of Shanxi Jincheng robot project, Foxconn will be put into production in Luoyang again

[industry insiders believe that the cost of robots is very high for Foxconn. Foxconn needs to invest at least 30billion yuan to introduce 300000 robots in 2012; while the three-year plan of 1million robots requires at least 100billion yuan.]

recently, a source told China business news that Foxconn Technology Group has reached an investment intention with Yiyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, and will invest in four projects: automated robots, automated equipment, precision instruments, and precision bearings in the industrial agglomeration area of Yiyang County

when calling the Yiyang County Government, the staff of the other party said that Foxconn Technology Group did have an intersection between products. Luoyang City, Henan Province, carried out on-site investigation and project site selection. After the completion of the project, the annual sales revenue could be 6.4 billion yuan

previously, the robots developed by Foxconn in Jincheng have been offline, and it is expected to build the world's largest intelligent robot production base in 2016

as for the possible problems of robots replacing labor, Foxconn's mainland spokesman said that the development of robots is not for layoffs. At present, Foxconn's employment in the mainland is stable, and the employment gap is still large. Even the internal relocation will not bring the so-called empty city problem to Shenzhen

goldsmith Zhongyuan plan

Foxconn's million robot project has attracted much attention since its announcement

the relevant staff of Yiyang Industrial Park said to that the county is actively preparing to establish the Yiyang project headquarters of Foxconn Technology Group. The robot project is basically determined. Foxconn people from Taiwan have come here many times, and the total investment of the project is close to 3billion yuan

it is understood that at present, in addition to Luoyang, Foxconn's robot project has been offline in Jincheng, and the production capacity is expected to reach one million units this year. Gou Taiming, chairman of Hon Hai group, previously said that in 2016, Foxconn, located in Jincheng, Shanxi Province as the production base of intelligent robots, could exceed 50billion yuan in output value

as one of the largest electronic OEM manufacturers in the world, Foxconn has nearly 1.2 million employees, including more than 1million employees in the mainland. At the Foxconn employees' Party in Shenzhen on July 29 last year, Gou Taiming said that Foxconn would increase the number of machines on the production line in the future to complete simple and repetitive work and replace workers

the external recruitment announcement of Foxconn's local factories also shows that it has been recruiting robot application engineers all over the country in the past two years. According to the announcement of Foxconn's external recruitment, Foxconn has specially established an automated robot product division (AR), located in Foxconn Hongguan science and Technology Park, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, which is subordinate to Foxconn Technology Group shzbg HongSuper standard product business group. The main choice of this product is the manhole cover pressure testing machine. We should pay attention to the performance, devote ourselves to the design, manufacture and application of key components such as controllers, reducers, servo motors, sensors, etc. necessary for robot production, and develop and manufacture various types of robots

Foxconn insiders said that Foxconn had proposed the goldsmith Central Plains plan years ago, mainly focusing on Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Jincheng, Shanxi, to form a manufacturing base in the Central Plains golden triangle. So it is normal for robots to settle in Luoyang, but we have never been slack. This is a base built by Foxconn in Central China, and Luoyang is one of them

according to its disclosure, in the future, Foxconn will take Apple iPhone products as the core and lay out the world's largest iPhone product assembly and manufacturing base in Zhengzhou, while in Luoyang, it will specially produce glass panels and provide touch glass panels for iPhone matching, while Jincheng is mainly a production base of precision core components and mechanism parts, providing precision core components for iPhone matching, and building a global precision manufacturing center

the robot plan will be mainly carried out in these three places first, providing some boring and relatively simple repetitive operations such as spraying, welding and assembly. The insider said

robots will affect the following reasons: 1. Replace manual labor

Foxconn's insiders said that he once saw the legendary fox BOT robot in Nanjing, which is used in the motherboard test. One robot manages 12 machines, which is very powerful. But for the robot project, Gou has emphasized more than once that he hopes that people will no longer be controlled by machines, but people will control machines, hand over monotonous and repetitive work to robots, and liberate employees

Li Youhuan, director of Guangdong Social Science Comprehensive Development and Research Center, said that the use of robots is a new model for Foxconn's operation and management, and may also have a huge impact on future development, especially in improving productivity and reducing labor costs. However, due to the complex production process of Foxconn, many types of work cannot be replaced by robots. From the overall employment situation of Foxconn, it mainly depends on manpower

a manufacturing supervisor who left Foxconn for less than a year said that in Foxconn's main OEM business, the main application fields of robots are high-precision patch at the front end and assembly and handling at the back end. In most intermediate manufacturing links, people still have to use labor

in terms of cost, according to the different models, functions and complexity, the price of each domestic robot can be as high as 60.7 million yuan, or as low as more than 100000 yuan. Li Youhuan believes that the cost of robots is very high for Foxconn. Foxconn introduced 300000 robots in 2012, requiring an investment of at least 30billion yuan; The three-year plan of 1million units requires an investment of at least 100billion yuan

Li Youhuan believes that the position of Foxconn's industrial chain determines that Foxconn is still a large labor force, and the labor gap will restrict the development of Foxconn for a long time, and may even continue. National labor shortage has become a trend. Li Youhuan said

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