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Siji Muge (Luoyang) solar high borosilicate glass kiln ignition

on the morning of September 9, Siji Muge (Luoyang) solar energy Co., Ltd. followed the production of vacuum tube solar water heaters and the trial production of all glass vacuum collector tubes, and ushered in the official ignition of No. 1 high borosilicate glass kiln, which will realize the industrial goal of building a complete industrial chain in Luoyang base and even the whole group

Siji Muge (Luoyang) solar energy Co., Ltd. came into being under the background that the group proposed to produce and sell 10billion yuan in five years and build seven industrial bases, and with the strong support of the local government of Luoyang. Since the official commencement on September 28, 2009, the project team has overcome various difficulties and adverse factors. The first phase of the project was successfully completed in May 2010, and the production line of 1million solar water heaters was put into operation and officially put into operation in June. At the same time that the first phase was put into operation, the second phase project of Luoyang base laid the foundation in June. After less than five months of hard work, in October, the equipment and tooling of the high boron silicon blank pipe plant and the vacuum pipe plant were installed and debugged in place. Among them, the vacuum heat collecting pipe plant has been officially put into operation a few days ago, and today will usher in the official ignition of the high boron silicon blank pipe plant, which is double happiness yingmen. The construction speed and quality of the project have been unanimously praised by Luolong science and Technology Park, Luoyang Municipal Party committee and Luoyang Municipal government, and are known as "four seasons Mu Song speed". The ignition of No.1 kiln symbolizes that the group has taken the lead in the low-temperature tube heat solar water heater industry and truly realized a complete industrial chain, which will lay a solid foundation for the production capacity of Luoyang base to finally form 80000 tons of high borosilicate, more than 3/4 of which are glass blank tubes of hot-air plastic granulator, and 27million solar vacuum collector tubes. The completion of the complete industrial chain of Siji Muge will mark a take-off in the group's comprehensive manufacturing capacity of solar water heaters. We will make full use of the opportunity of the ignition of No. 1 kiln to realize the rapid growth of the production capacity of Luoyang base, the great acceleration of supporting capacity and efficiency, the steady rise of product quality level and the continuous reduction of manufacturing costs, And it has rapidly grown into the group's nuclear sample preparation instrument: a manufacturing base for obtaining more than 5 standard samples by injection molding machine or machining sample cores. For example, metal lithium, butyl lithium and other people have done less

four seasons Muge (Luoyang) solar energy Co., Ltd. will adhere to the core concept of "innovation, happiness", and will gradually strengthen basic management, improve the execution of the team, further strengthen quality management, improve the comprehensive quality of system products, meet the needs of consumers for higher consumption experience, further strengthen service management, and improve the comprehensive service capacity of the base, which is of great significance to the group The marketing department and customers creatively provide valuable services; Further strengthen the training of corporate culture, improve the values of employees, build a team of employees who live and work happily, and become a respected enterprise. Make greater contributions to the development of China's solar energy industry, local economic development and group development

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