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On the eve of labor day, the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou exposed two jumping events. A man and a woman chose to end their lives in an extreme way. Then, perhaps aware of the problem, Foxconn urgently cancelled the so-called silent mode management system

more than two years ago, the 14th consecutive jump once pushed Foxconn, a global top 500 enterprise, to the forefront of the storm. Foxconn then publicly promised to improve management and pay attention to humanization of management, but now the shadow of jumping off buildings returns again. What dilemma is Foxconn facing

after more than two years, Foxconn once again experienced a series of jumping events, which also led the attention of the outside world to question the inhumanity of its management system. On the one hand, there are frequent building jumping incidents in internal management. On the other hand, there is news that Apple asked Foxconn to rework 5million iphone5. Under multiple pressures, Foxconn's OEM model is facing increasing challenges

in 2010, Foxconn experienced a number of employees falling from a building. Public opinion generally attributed the continuous suicide of Foxconn employees to its harsh management, which is similar to militarization. Although Foxconn executives admitted that they lacked care for employees, they did not think that there was a problem between their own management model and enterprise positioning

in order to prevent tragedies from happening one after another, Foxconn invited professional psychologists to settle in the factory and set up a care group to encourage employees to help each other. Even, it installed protective fences on the roofs and balconies of all dormitory buildings, built protection around the buildings, and paid employees several times. Now the nightmare of jumping from a building reappears, and the silent mode once again inspires public opinion to question its management mode. The standard configuration includes national standard gb/t228 (2) 010, gb7314 (2) 005 and other experimental methods

in fact, Foxconn's strict management is also related to its unique OEM mode. After years of expansion, the complexity and difficulty of the management of the OEM Empire, which has 1.4 million people, is obviously unimaginable to outsiders. It is conceivable that Foxconn Group is under pressure

Chery EQ1 small ant is the first self owned brand in China to realize the all aluminum car body. On the one hand, the labor cost has increased significantly. On the other hand, as the awareness of the new generation of migrant workers to safeguard their rights has increased, the contradictions in management have gradually become prominent, and the workers have become less obedient than in the past

for example, Foxconn's transformation has already begun. It is understood that Foxconn's factories have accelerated the migration from coastal areas to inland. At the same time, Gou began to implement the one million robot plan. In July 2011, Gou said that Foxconn's one million new robots in the next three years will be used to complete simple and repetitive work

but at present, the progress of this plan is not very smooth. According to insiders, robots are now mainly used in some simple, repetitive and boring processes, such as painting, testing, welding and other links still rely on manual completion. Moreover, the number of robots is far less than one million now

in desperation, Foxconn even had plans to leave Chinese Mainland. Recently, Gou announced that he would focus on the Taiwan market in the future. In addition, he would recruit 10000 workers in Brazilian factories and invest $10billion to open factories in Indonesia. In addition, Foxconn's factories in the United States are also expanding

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