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Four people in a temporary group were arrested for stealing cables

([original]: four people in a temporary group were arrested for stealing cables)

four people in a temporary group were arrested for stealing cables

origin topic: four people in a temporary group were arrested for stealing cables

the community suddenly lost power, and the original cable was stolen. Four men in a group stole 35 meters of cables, worth more than 200000 yuan. Beijing Morning Post learned from Shunyi police that four suspects of stealing cables were arrested in Guanyang district. At present, Wang and other four people have been criminally detained by Shunyi police, and the case is under further trial

cable theft power failure in the community

recently, Shunyi police received an alarm from pan, the property manager of a community in Shunyi, considering the material cost, that the cable in the community was stolen. The civil police rushed to the scene immediately. After working on the scene and learning from the victim, Mr. Pan, the staff of the neighborhood committee found a power outage at work that morning and contacted the property. In the process of finding out the cause of the power failure, the property company found that the cable erected on the roof of the underground garage disappeared, so it immediately called the police. According to the statistics of professional power personnel, the stolen cable is 35 meters, worth more than 200000 yuan

the people's police retrieved the surveillance video in and around the community and found that a golden cup car entered the surveillance screen on the evening of September 5, but no one got off until 1 a.m. on September 6. However, because the underground garage was not used, the civil police suspected that they were the suspects in the theft case. Sure enough, the time pointed to two o'clock in the morning, and the golden cup car slowly drove away from the place where the case was closed. The sharp eyed civilian police saw the problem at a glance. The golden cup car was loaded with many equipment and was extremely heavy. The civilian police immediately called the surrounding monitoring of the community, and found that someone got off the golden cup car when it left the community. Then they took a taxi on the roadside near the small distance but there seemed to be signs of warming up

the group was stolen by a nest of end

so far, the civil police immediately divided into two ways, one way through the process of retrieving the surveillance video to track the golden cup car driven by the suspect, and the other way to monitor the vehicle information of the taxi in the picture. Soon, the civil police learned from the driver through the taxi company that the driver received an order from a car Hailing platform and sent the suspect to the neighborhood of three rooms in Xuri district. After more than 20 days of reconnaissance and squatting, the people's police finally confirmed that the suspects often ruled the Sanjianfang area in Yang District. It was difficult to develop the corresponding supporting equipment nameless waste purchase station movement relying on the strength of a tensile testing machine enterprise alone. This group of theft suspects was formed by Wang through temporary assembly, separated from Anhui and Henan, and quickly evacuated back to their homes after committing the crime. On October 18, the people's police arrested the suspect at one fell swoop

after inquiry, the suspects Wang (male, 31 years old, from Anhui), Sheng (male, 41 years old, from Henan) truthfully confessed the illegal facts of stealing cables in the basement of a community in Shunyi District, and Yuan (male, 41 years old, from Henan) and Zhai (female, 44 years old, from Henan) confessed the illegal facts suspected of covering up and concealing the illegal gains. According to Wang, the four of them also had a criminal record of stealing cables before. Because they didn't have a legal job, they resumed their old business. At present, Wang and other four people are welcome to visit this site. Thank Shunyi police for their criminal detention. The case is under further trial

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