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Analysis of common problems in substation integrated automation

the substation integrated automation system uses advanced computer technology, modern electronic technology, communication technology and information processing technology to realize the re combination and optimization of the functions of substation secondary equipment (including relay protection, control, measurement, signal, fault recording, automatic device and telecontrol device, etc.), and monitors the operation of all substation equipment An integrated automation system for measurement, control and coordination. It is a measure to improve the safe, reliable and stable operation level of substation, reduce operation and maintenance costs, improve economic benefits, and provide users with high-quality power services. With the rapid development of high technology such as automation technology, communication technology, computer and network technology, the integrated automation technology of substation has developed rapidly

at present, the widely used substation integrated automation system monitors, measures, records and processes all kinds of information of all primary and secondary equipment of the substation through the background monitoring machine, and realizes the remote control operation function of the main equipment of the substation. However, there are also some problems in the actual use process, which may appear in 1210. Through the induction, summary, discussion and analysis of various integrated automation systems, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis on the common problems of the current substation integrated automation system in the actual work

I. Problems

1 Poor anti-interference ability. The background monitoring machine often uploads a large number of erroneous interference signals, which seriously interferes with the accurate judgment and monitoring of the monitoring personnel, and sometimes it is inevitable to miss a part of a large amount of information. It is precisely this missing part of information that may be the key information, causing hidden dangers to the safe operation of the substation, and these interference may evolve into an important factor causing accidents or accident expansion

2. Poor information transmission. The communication channel is interrupted from time to time or the remote control information cannot be fed back in time, and the equipment state of the background monitor interface wiring diagram is inconsistent with the actual situation on site, so it cannot change the state with the primary equipment in time; The normal operation items cannot be transmitted from the microcomputer five prevention locking system to the background machine, and the background machine cannot accept the task, which hinders the continuous normal operation of the operators

3. The integrated automatic anti misoperation system is mainly composed of five prevention management machine and background monitoring machine, which have independent anti misoperation locking system, so as to realize the double anti misoperation locking management, but the remote operation can be carried out in the background monitoring machine only after the analog operation of the five prevention management machine is transmitted to the background monitoring machine,. However, there are also some disadvantages. If the five prevention management machine fails, it can only be operated after the total unlocking of the whole station through the password on the background machine, which increases the unsafe factors

4. Some monitoring systems only set up voice alarm system, in which all event reports, self inspection reports and other information are included, but there is no accident audio signal. When the background monitoring machine or voice system cannot work normally, all signals cannot be sent in time and cannot directly prompt the monitoring personnel, which seriously affects the safe operation of the substation

5. Lack of automatic report generation function. Monthly and annual load accumulation cannot be counted, and load changes cannot be seen visually

6. The alarm information is not intuitive. Due to design reasons, in order to facilitate the inspection and maintenance personnel to query, ignoring the fact that the monitoring personnel can't intuitively and clearly see the action reason of expressing the fault or accident from the alarm information, it is often necessary for the monitoring personnel to find out from a series of large amounts of information, and the alarm information continues to be sent, its window continues to scroll, and the monitoring personnel have to start from scratch, unable to make a quick judgment, delaying the accident processing time and finding the cause of the accident, Thus, it brings direct adverse factors to accident handling and power supply restoration

II. Put forward some suggestions and Countermeasures

1 Gradually improve the system functions

classify all analog quantities and state quantity displacements, and distinguish them with several colors. When there are abnormal conditions and equipment abnormalities in the substation, the monitoring system classifies each quantity and provides it to the monitoring personnel, so that the operation monitoring personnel can intuitively see all kinds of alarm information, design reasonable line layout and manufacturing process, and cut off various ways of electromagnetic coupling, In addition, shielding measures shall be taken from the hardware of the soft double chute light plane to optimize the structural setting, so as to avoid causing false signals or microcomputer work errors. Improve the system's regular self-test, self diagnosis and self recovery processing functions, smooth the communication capacity on the link, set and start the standby channel when necessary, and refresh the remote signaling displacement. The anti misoperation locking function of the background machine is added, and the internal part of the sensor is generally a resistance strain gauge, which is interconnected with the five prevention management machine to support the construction of scrap iron recycling, disassembly and classification, processing and distribution bases, forming mutual cutting and mutual standby. Separate the accident and warning audio signals of the protection monitoring system, which are consistent with the background monitoring voice alarm system and are not controlled by the background monitoring system, so as to prevent the failure of the background monitoring machine or the failure of the voice alarm system. In order to better realize the automation function, the functions of various reports and load change curves of the system should be continuously strengthened, so that the monitoring personnel can more intuitively see the change of power flow, monthly power supply, annual power supply, etc

2. Strengthen operation management

during operation, the power system is often unsafe due to human factors such as improper use of devices. Therefore, corresponding operation procedures should be formulated and implemented in strict accordance with the provisions of the procedures, and the inspection system should be implemented regularly, which can be set as once every 24 hours. Improve the inspection contents, such as self inspection and reporting information, voice alarm and protection monitoring sound system, working power supply operation, various signal light indications, connecting pieces and switching handle positions, especially the switching inspection of uninterruptible power supply (UPS), whether the communication system communicates normally and whether the four remote functions are normal. Substation automation system is a high-tech and complex system engineering, and the requirements of the continuity and safety of the power system. Once problems occur in the automation system, they must be eliminated in time and quickly, so that it can resume normal operation as soon as possible. This requires correct analysis and judgment of the fault points, the handling measures of abnormal problems and the development of corresponding emergency response plans. Establish corresponding management systems, including: equipment regular inspection and maintenance system, overhaul quality acceptance system, post system, etc

3. Improve the professional quality of personnel

the automation system adopts some new equipment and new technology, and integrates different majors. To meet the needs of the post, we must be fully familiar with and master the system structure principle, performance characteristics, and correct operation procedures of the system. Only in this way can we clearly use various methods to deal with abnormal situations and carry out inspection and maintenance. This requires providing a variety of learning opportunities for monitoring personnel and improving the quality of the personnel team through various channels and training forms. As the professional quality of personnel is improved, the practical application level of the automation system is also improved

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