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On September 10, the fourth paradigm and Inspur jointly released the AI software and hardware all-in-one machine product "prophetaio" in Beijing. The implication of "AIO" is to create a full closed-loop AI industrial application of "AIIn one". The product design is based on the integration of the fourth paradigm prophet enterprise AI core system and Inspur openpower hardware architecture. At the same time, the two sides officially announced the establishment of the AI all-in-one machine joint laboratory, which will continue to be subject to great market impact, and will enable industry users to have strong AI business support and development capabilities, so as to accelerate the landing process of the AI industry

the signing ceremony of the fourth paradigm and Inspur business machine strategy

the fourth paradigm is an internationally leading AI technology enabler, and the capabilities of its flagship product "the prophet of the fourth paradigm" cover the whole life cycle of AI application development, operation, management, etc; Inspur commercial machine provides openpower server based on open power technology, which is committed to creating a more complete and efficient overall solution for users, and providing professional and agile software and technical services

this strong alliance, combined with the leading AI system of the fourth paradigm and the strong innovation ability of commercial machines rooted in the laboratory for more than 10 years in the field of computing architecture and hardware, will provide customers with more valuable intelligent computing products. According to the person in charge of the product line, the actual application effect of the deployment of "prophetaio" shows that under the premise of the same cost, the computing performance is improved by more than 10 times, and the delivery cycle is shortened from half a year to the weekly level

the out of the box integrated design is as easy to access AI as to use.

according to the Gartner enterprise AI case study report, more than 60% of China's large enterprises will develop their own AI solutions by 2022. In response to this, Dai Wenyuan, founder and CEO of the fourth paradigm, said that although every enterprise hopes to build its own core AI capabilities, the threshold is quite high, including server configuration, data processing, model tuning, model training, etc. He summed up that AI needs five necessary conditions "brain": big data, response, algorithm, computing resources and clear business needs 。 Companies that successfully use AI to create value have the above five core factors

Dai Wenyuan, founder and CEO of the fourth paradigm, delivered a speech

prophetaio is committed to solving the brain threshold problem, breaking the data threshold with the self-developed big data system, and establishing a standardized collection system of behavior data and feedback data; Automl (automatic machine learning) technology is used to solve the algorithm threshold, so that business personnel who do not have AI foundation and computer skills can complete AI through the prophet graphical interface. AI should use the edible and water-soluble characteristics of some plastic packaging materials; The hardware capabilities of Inspur commercial machines are used to supplement the last piece of puzzle in the computing resource layer, eliminating the configuration and debugging steps of the underlying AI

Dai Wenyuan, the founder of the fourth paradigm, said at the scene, "prophetaio has achieved the complete coverage of the five elements of AI commercial landing, giving enterprises the ability to use AI out of the box. In the future, enterprises' access to AI is as simple as using it, just a few simple steps such as plugging in, connecting to the network, and starting up."

leading integration of software and hardware architecture, achieving 10 times the performance improvement at the same cost

different from the exploration of AI software and hardware combination in vertical fields such as face recognition, prophet is the first AI all-in-one product launched for large-scale data mining and machine learning computing, which can be used in risk anti fraud, competitive marketing, personalized recommendation, advertising computing, intelligent manufacturing It has been applied in many data mining and decision-making scenarios, such as customer operation and product pricing, and has brought significant improvement - at the same cost, the overall performance of prophet is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary servers

Hu Leijun, vice president of Inspur Group and general manager of Inspur Business Machine Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

on the one hand, the improvement of performance benefits from the extreme performance of the prophet platform. As a high-dimensional machine learning platform, the prophet platform can support trillion dimensional feature processing at most, and a single node can support hundreds of millions of data storage and tens of thousands of real-time requests; On the other hand, it is due to the hardware infrastructure innovation, system optimization and parallel framework improvement of Inspur commercial machines

Hu Leijun, vice president of Inspur Group and general manager of Inspur Business Machine Co., Ltd., said, "This cooperation is also a breakthrough attempt in the hardware field. For AI systems that can support trillions of high-dimensional data such as the 'prophet platform', Power9 has a 7tb/s processor on-chip switching speed, 230 gb/s memory bandwidth, 25gb/s nvlink and open capi interfaces, and the industry's first batch of PCI-E 4.0 interfaces. The combination of these technologies enables it to accelerate data transmission and surpass x86 systems based on PCI-E 3.0 in terms of computing speed.10 At the same time, it can also significantly improve the performance of open-source AI frameworks such as ainer, tensorflow and Caffe, and accelerate databases such as Kinetica, providing computing conditions for large-scale AI applications. In this way, data scientists can build applications including in-depth learning insight in scientific research, real-time fraud detection and credit risk analysis at a faster speed "

the competition of enterprises in the future will be the competition of data scale and computing power. AI software and hardware all-in-one machine product" prophetaio ", with the technical advantages of AI application full process coverage and software and hardware integration design, It is expected to push AI technology into a dividend harvest period of large-scale implementation and great value release

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