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Four wheel drive development national machinery starts a new journey of "secondary entrepreneurship"

four wheel drive development national machinery starts a new journey of "secondary entrepreneurship"

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"only by fundamentally changing the enterprise, it is possible to restart development on a new level." Ren Hongbin, chairman of the state machinery group, said that after 17 years of development, the state machinery group not only has the foundation and strength to deepen reform and development, but also has the accumulation of problems and thinking constraints that hinder development. Facing the new environment, new situations and new problems, it needs a self transformation

"are you ready for the second venture?" At the 2015 working meeting of the state machinery group held on January 20, Ren Hongbin changed the previous practice of reading speeches, pointing to the big screen and the podium to mobilize. His people-friendly speech brought not only a small sense of freshness, but also a great change in the "Second Entrepreneurship" of national machinery

in 2015, state machinery group will establish state machinery capital company on the basis of the original three sectors of manufacturing, engineering and service, so as to realize the four-wheel drive development of manufacturing, engineering, service and capital. We should take the reform and revitalization of China Second Heavy Machinery Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Erzhong") as a strategic task of the group, and fight two major defensive wars and two major offensive wars. Strive to achieve a year-on-year increase of 6% in the assessment value of total profits, strive to reach 8%, and continue to maintain the grade a business performance assessment of SASAC

support the second tier to fight two major battles

to ensure the success of the second venture, we need to deepen reform and transformation and innovation

Ren Hongbin said that deepening the reform is to redefine the functional positioning of the group, that is, to build a state-owned capital investment company in the machinery industry. We should further improve the modern enterprise system and strengthen the construction of two-level boards of directors. We should steadily standardize the development of mixed ownership, implement policies according to the industry, one policy for one enterprise, reform one when it is mature, and do not "mix it up"

transformation and innovation need to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the research and development of cutting-edge, key common technologies, applied basic technologies, strategic emerging industries and major technologies, and strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents. We should promote management innovation, consolidate basic management, improve institutionalization, process and informatization, innovate management models and tools, and strengthen risk management. We should achieve business model innovation, adjust the product structure in time, vigorously strengthen the integration with information technology, actively cultivate and develop emerging industries, and cultivate new economic growth points in the fields of clean energy and mechanical product remanufacture in a planned and step-by-step manner

to this end, Sinomach will implement two "defense wars" in 2015. That is, to increase the defense war and the double defense war. These are also the two highlights of Sinomach in 2015

based on the development of last year and considering the economic situation of this year, Sinomach has set its business objectives for 2015: to achieve a year-on-year increase of 6% in the assessment value of total profits, strive to reach 8%, and continue to maintain the grade a business performance assessment of SASAC

Ren Hongbin said that maintaining growth is still the central task of the group this year, and we should innovate ideas, take practical and effective measures, work through multiple channels, and focus on four aspects: vigorously exploring the market, actively reducing costs and increasing efficiency, strengthening incentives and constraints, and upgrading non entity operations

the other is the double defense. We should speed up the transformation of the second tier to a major equipment manufacturing service provider that pays equal attention to product manufacturing and technical services, and strive to get rid of difficulties as soon as possible. With regard to the double defense war, Ren Hongbin stressed that it is an important step in the "national machine dream". It is not a local battle, but a comprehensive battle, not fighting alone, but fighting side by side

in 2015, the State Machinery Group continued to take the dual reform and revitalization as the top priority, conscientiously implemented the implementation plan of China's dual reform and revitalization, focused on the overall goal of turning around losses and getting rid of difficulties, innovated ways and methods, accelerated the pace of promotion, and made China's dual out of survival difficulties and return to the benign track of development as soon as possible

"we must combine the near and far, treat both the symptoms and the symptoms, and comprehensively adopt the combination of 'medical surgery' (accelerating hemostasis, enhancing hematopoiesis, and transforming the dual self-management) and 'surgery' (asset revitalization, synergy, debt reduction, offloading burden, and improving efficiency) to treat the symptoms." Renhongbin told, "if the 28 scientific research institutes in the group transfer the research and development of new technologies to Erzhong in the future, the group will give strong support. We have also increased the exchange of cadres of Erzhong, making the cooperation between enterprises in the group more conscious and voluntary."

it is reported that Ren Hongbin also recently joined hands with the leaders of the four major banks and CSR to conduct research on Erzhong. Ren Hongbin pointed out that the double difficulty is a temporary difficulty in the development process. It will not only not become a burden for the state machinery group, but also become an important force for the state machinery group in the near future. He hoped that "the performance of Erzhong will turn around and embark on a normal track of rapid development."

2015 will also implement two "offensive wars", namely, upgrading non entity operations and building a national machinery capital company. Ren Hongbin said that in upgrading non entity operations, we should give full play to the overall resources and advantages of the group, actively serve the affiliated enterprises, and create the competitive advantage of the group

he has made a preliminary assumption on the construction of Sinomach capital. Renhongbin said, "we should develop step by step and gradually improve." At the initial stage of the establishment of the company, we should first build a professional investment platform, improve the industrial chain of the group, enhance the ability to control business resources, focus on strategic emerging industry investment, and play the role of incubator; When the company grows in strength, it will gradually exercise the function of the group's financial asset investment management platform, uniformly manage the group's financial enterprises, and deepen the integration of industry and finance

timely "going out" to rebuild overseas new national machinery

in the face of the severe and complex domestic and international economic situation, in 2014, the state machinery group exceeded the assessment objectives of the SASAC and the task of maintaining growth. The operating revenue was 249.15 billion yuan, an increase of 2.8% year-on-year; The total profit was 6.07 billion yuan, an increase of 26.7% year-on-year, 155.3% of the annual assessment target of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, 121.3% of the annual assessment target of the board of directors, 110.3% of the target, and 14 billion yuan of taxes and fees were paid. Among them, the former Sinomach group (excluding China Erzhong) achieved an operating revenue of 244.61 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.2%, a total profit of 9.22 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.6%, and an economic value-added of 4.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.1%, all hitting a record high

as China's economy enters the new normal, the machinery industry has also bid farewell to the double-digit growth that has lasted for many years and entered a new stage of "making progress while maintaining stability" when the stress reaches point B. In order to actively respond to the "new normal" and fight a "growth defense war", Ren Hongbin made a strategic deployment to speed up the "going out" and put forward the idea of "rebuilding a new overseas national opportunity"

"this is a very long-term goal, which may be difficult to achieve in three to five years, but this is the goal that Sinomach is committed to pursuing." For example, he said, many international well-known enterprises have contributed more than 50% to the overseas market, such as Samsung, Volkswagen, Ge, etc., and Sinomach has great room to improve in this regard

Ren Hongbin stressed that as one of the window enterprises of China's mechanical and electrical products export, Sinomach group has a good overseas market network, so it will be easier than ordinary enterprises to capture overseas business opportunities, and this advantage should be given full play

in terms of overseas market development, Sinomach group will make full use of "Three Combinations", that is, to make full use of the Silk Road Fund, the Asian infrastructure investment bank and the change of the single financing pattern, the combination of resource development and infrastructure construction, and the combination of project contracting and operation management, and constantly raise the group's international operation to a deeper and higher level

at the same time, we should innovate the "going out" mode. Ren Hongbin said that enterprises within the group should give priority to and actively cooperate with each other, and the industrial chain outside the group is more suitable for upstream and downstream enterprises of high-energy density batteries to form an industrial alliance and "go to sea together". We should consolidate and develop the group's traditional international project contracting and import and export trade businesses, and pay attention to expanding overseas green space investment, franchising, and industrial park construction projects. We should timely carry out mergers and acquisitions and equity cooperation aimed at obtaining overseas advanced technology, talents, strategic resources and brand channels for the high-end material industry, which relies heavily on imports for high-end products

"at the same time, we should also pay attention to preventing international business risks and fulfilling the social responsibility." Renhongbin emphasized

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