Analysis of common paper jam faults of the hottest

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Analysis of common paper jam faults of laser printers

paper jam occurs in daily use of laser printers, which is mainly caused by the reasons that the paper does not meet the specifications (generally, the paper used by laser printers is 70-100 grams of double-sided offset paper, which cannot be wet, and the edges are neat), and there are foreign matters blocking in the path of paper transportation. This can be solved as long as the paper is replaced and the foreign matters in the path are eliminated. 2. Before starting the machine, add lubricating oil to each friction part. This is to introduce the faults after removing the above problems

printer paper jam detection adopts sequential logic control, and the sequential control points of different models will be different. Generally, photoelectric elements are used to detect and control the position of printing paper at the three points of paper inlet, channel and fusing component. When the printer receives the print command, the print paper is sent to the printer by the paper take-up wheel. If the sensing signal that the print paper is in place cannot be detected at the detection point within the set time, the main controller will stop working and display the fault information. To repair the paper jam of the printer, it is necessary to determine which a position the printing paper is stuck in, that is, to check the detection elements at the paper jam position

the inspection process reduces the labor intensity of employees

(1) the printing paper cannot be fed or the paper jams as soon as it enters the printer. The inspection procedure is:

① check whether the paper feed sensor is normal. If not, clean the photoelectric sensor

② check whether the electromagnetic clutch of the paper take-up wheel acts. If it does not act, measure whether the coil voltage of the electromagnetic clutch is normal. If so, repair and replace the clutch. If not, check the driving power of the clutch. Whether it is demand, suggestion, opinion or complaint, we will close the circuit according to the order

③ check whether the paper take-up wheel is stuck with paper powder, waste powder, etc. or aging and slipping. If so, clean the paper take-up wheel with alcohol, or sand it along the paper take-up axle with fine sandpaper. If not, replace the paper take-up wheel

④ check whether the supporting board acts. If not, repair the supporting board cam. After the above maintenance, generally speaking, the paper jam at the paper inlet can be eliminated

(2) if the printing paper is jammed in the channel, the inspection procedure is:

① whether the printing paper is deformed in the channel, if so, replace the printing paper

② check whether the channel paper sensor is normal. If not, clean the sensing window of the photoelectric sensor

③ check whether the paper feeding wheel slips. If so, the maintenance method is the same as that of the paper take-up wheel

although the mechanical properties of thermosetting resin are better than those of thermoplastic resin

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