The hottest four robot giants gather in Shunde

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In the past week, the world's four robotics giants gathered in Shunde

the major event in Shunde's intelligent manufacturing field is that abb robotics, Switzerland, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shunde robot system integrator Richter, and announced that it will jointly build China's first tank intelligent production base. It is found that, in addition to the signing and establishment of the robot engineering application center at the major project docking meeting in the northern region not long ago, abb in Switzerland, KUKA in Germany, FANUC in Japan and Yaskawa electric in Japan, the four giants in the world's robot field, have all rushed to Shunde, and are increasingly in closer contact with local enterprises

the robot giant can't land in Shunde without the encouragement and guidance of the government, but the hand of the market really plays a decisive role. According to the Shunde economic and technological Bureau, Shunde purchased about 1500 robots last year and is estimated to reach 3000 this year. Therefore, Shunde itself is a big market for robot applications. The most important reason for foreign robot giants to land in Shunde and cooperate with Shunde enterprises is to pay attention to the huge manufacturing scale and application market in Shunde and the surrounding Pearl River Delta

lexda and ABB:

time trial cooperate to build an intelligent production base according to relevant standards

lexda has previously cooperated with abb robots. The polishing robot integrated system used by lexda includes the products of robot giants abb and Germany KUKA. The intelligent production base of water tank built in collaboration with abb this time is a model for further in-depth cooperation between lexida and abb

Guangdong Yingao kitchenware is one of the first enterprises to use robots in Shunde. According to the relevant person in charge, it takes about 70 workers to finish polishing 20000 stainless steel sinks before introducing robots. Today, only 13 to 17 technicians are needed to maintain the five robots. The degree of automation has reached more than 90%, and the efficiency has been improved 20 times


the intelligent production system of water tank put into production by Yingao is customized for Yingao jointly by lexida and abb. According to Chen Jiazhi, general manager of Yingao kitchenware, after the production base was put into operation, it used to need 50 workers, but now it only needs 5 workers to carry out simple operations

Li Gang, President of ABB Shanghai, said that sink polishing is the main process in the kitchenware industry, and the workers' labor is boring and repetitive, which is harmful to the body. The unmanned sink production line not only liberates workers from repeated labor, but also improves the quality of products

Midea and Yaskawa:

develop industrial and service robots

the cooperation between Midea Group, the leader of SHUNQI, and Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan was also reached this year, and Midea Group also formally entered the robot industry. Unlike robot companies such as richonda, which pay more attention to the field of industrial robots, the robot companies invested by Midea and Yaskawa have entered the two fields of industrial robots and service robots, while Midea Group controls the service robot company

in fact, Midea was ready to enter the robot industry long before this. In 2003, Midea introduced robots for the first time; In 2009, we developed servo motor, which has formed an industrial foundation; Entered the sweeping robot industry in 2013; In 2014, the Institute of robotics was established; In 2015, as the initiator, South China intelligent robot Innovation Research Institute was hosted in Shunde, and Midea robot industry development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary with a registered capital of 1billion yuan, was established

Yaskawa, as one of the four giants of robots in the world, has a history of 100 years. The cooperation between the two sides in the field of industrial robots will promote the industrial robot joint venture to become a leading enterprise in domestic robots. In the field of service robots, it first includes the "2015 Symposium on the use of flexible packaging manufacturers' materials like rubber and plastic and innovative materials in automobiles", "2015 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic and innovative materials in electronic product design" and "2015 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic and innovative materials in medical products", focusing on the just needed elderly and disabled robots, rehabilitation, nursing robots and other commercial fields in the past two years, According to the technical maturity and market needs, we should cut into household service robots, promote the cross-border integration of household service robots and smart homes, and strive to become one of the leading enterprises of domestic service robots

KUKA and Fanuc: both set up robot engineering centers in Shunde

in the fourth batch of signing projects of the major project docking meeting in the northern area of Shunde held in November, FANUC robot is impressively in sight. Shanghai FANUC robot Co., Ltd. plans to set up FANUC robot engineering application center in the central European center to provide all-round services and technical support for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in southern China

previously, Germany KUKA robot engineering center officially signed a contract to move in Shunde. The engineering center will strive to become the innovation, service and R & D highland of robots in Shunde and even the whole Guangdong Province, and provide one-stop consulting, sales and after-sales services for surrounding robot customers. Compared with the first application base and training center in Shunde, the settlement of the engineering center means that the layout of KUKA in Shunde starts from the downstream application links to the upstream

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