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The fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition was promoted in Wenzhou

on July 5-8, 2006, the Organizing Committee of the fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition (print Expo 2007) carried out comprehensive promotion activities in Wenzhou. Print Expo 2007 is co sponsored by China Printing Technology Association and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation. As a large-scale international printing event held every four years in Beijing, print Expo 2007 will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from June 12 to 16, 2007

Print Expo 2007 Wenzhou press conference caused a sensation in the printing industry of Wenzhou City

Print Expo 2007 Wenzhou press conference was grandly held at Ruian international hotel in Wenzhou on July 7, 2006. Representatives of more than 40 printing machine enterprises and industry media in Wenzhou were invited to attend. The press conference was presided over by chenpingxun, Secretary General of Wenzhou Printing Industry Association. Wu Wenxiang, chairman of China Printing Technology Association, and Zhang Zhiyuan, honorary chairman of printing machine branch of China printing and equipment industry association delivered speeches respectively

Wu Wenxiang, President of China Printing Technology Association, looked forward to the development trend of China's printing market in the next few years, and introduced the concept, highlights and advantages of the fourth China International Printing Technology Exhibition to the participants. Chairman Wu Wenxiang said that print Expo not only has the advantages of supplier resources of the original organizer, but also has been highly valued by the competent government departments of the industry - the General Administration of publishing and local publishing bureaus, printing and related industry associations. By virtue of its unique advantages in centralizing the purchasing group resources of printing equipment and equipment, through carrying out inter industry interaction activities that meet the needs of users in the printing industry, a large number of buyer resources are gathered, so as to form the overall resource advantage of the exhibition in the large printing industry chain. Print Expo 2007 has also prepared the conditions for the development of the flexible packaging field, and will rely on these resource advantages to create a brilliant future

Zhang Zhiyuan, honorary chairman of the printing press branch of China printing and equipment industry association, also said that his trip to Wenzhou was impressive and quite insightful. This is not only because the printing machine market in Wenzhou is developing rapidly and the scale is getting bigger, but also because the product upgrading speed in Wenzhou is very fast. This upgrading is not only the design, but also the substantial improvement of product quality. In addition, the active printing machine market in Wenzhou also left a deep impression on it. The group business model makes many small and medium-sized printing enterprises no longer fight alone, but make them bigger and stronger in the mode of enterprise groups

manager Wang Xu of China Exhibition Group Beijing Huagang Exhibition Co., Ltd. introduced to the participants that since the preparation and promotion of print Expo 2007, it has received great support and attention from the printing industry, and the related work is progressing smoothly. In order to continue to expand the popularity of print Expo 2007, the organizer of print Expo 2007 will then go to various places at home and abroad to promote print Expo 2007, invite its exhibitors and professional visitors to the exhibition, discuss future cooperation with local printing associations, and invite them to organize a group to visit print Expo 2007

Chen pingxun, Secretary General of Wenzhou Printing Association, also said that Wenzhou Printing Association will organize printing enterprises in Wenzhou to participate in the exhibition in Beijing next year in the form of exhibition groups, aiming to take advantage of Beijing's strong market radiation and attraction and the opportunity of hosting the Olympic Games to comprehensively display the development of Wenzhou printing industry and jointly promote the development of the industry

deeply understand exhibitors' needs and products, and provide tailor-made services for exhibitors

print Expo 2007. Members of the Organizing Committee took this promotion trip to Wenzhou to go deep into the majority of exhibitors, plus 4 Oral material preparation technology can strengthen the contact and communication with enterprises in the industry, understand their development status, needs and products, so as to help exhibitors more targeted and more effective promotion of their products, and lay a good foundation for the on-site business matching activities of the exhibition as one of the services for exhibitors to add value and minimize the length of data lines in the coming year

the organizers visited Wenzhou Qunying Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shenli Group Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xinguang Machinery Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Kangerda printing equipment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wutai machinery group, Zhongde group, Rui'an Huawei Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Rui'an Jinbao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Qiangqiang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd Zhejiang Guowei Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Yaohua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and other major printing enterprises

the promotion activity in Wenzhou was very successful. Many printing enterprises in Wenzhou have made positive comments on and fully affirmed the print Expo held in Beijing in 2007. More enterprises immediately booked booths, and Wu Tai, Sino German and other groups, as well as companies such as CONDA and Guangming, said they would participate in large-scale exhibitions

to provide mechanical and technical support

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