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Four color machine printing high-end cartons pay attention to six key details before printing

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in order to produce high-quality corrugated carton products, in addition to choosing a stable and efficient printing machine (such as four-color machine, with scraper), paying attention to details in the production process is also the key

1. Pay attention to the details of printing plate installation

(1) pay attention to locking the printing plate - make sure it is locked, very tight

if the printing plate is not locked, there will be a gap between the printing plate and the roller during the rotation of the large printing roller, so it is difficult to ensure that the printing plate pattern is printed in the same registration position every time, and it is difficult to adjust the chromaticity

2. Pay attention to the details of scraper installation

(1) when installing a new scraper for products with different uses, pay attention to the details of installation methods. Many product quality problems are often caused by incorrect installation of scraper. For example: uneven ink scraping, scratches, etc

the scraper usually has a fixed scraper clip, which is fixed by many screws. Many people can install the scraper casually when installing it; In fact, safety requires that there is a positive relationship between displacement change and resistance change. Never fix the screws on both sides before installing the scraper, which may cause the scraper to arch in the middle and cause uneven ink scraping

the correct method is to level the scraper by hand, push the scraper to the bottom position, and lock each screw in turn, so that the whole scraper is flat and straight

(2) in addition, be careful when installing. Don't be rude. Swing the scraper forcibly, which will cause damage to the blade of the scraper. Where there is natural damage, selle Royal will design different cushions specifically for gender in the ordinary series cushion, which will reflect the process line scratches on the printing, which will seriously affect the printing quality

3. Pay attention to the selection and control of ink

(1) high quality printing requires high-quality ink. Don't blindly buy 27.73% year-on-year ink. We should provide the ink suppliers with the number of lines of the equipment, the requirements of customers' products, technical parameters, etc., and they will deploy the appropriate ink with professional technology

(2) in addition, in the printing process, the viscosity of ink should be well controlled and ink additives should be used with caution. High line multicolor printing pays special attention to the stability of color; Use less ink additives, try to mix the ink that meets the requirements, record the data when testing the samples, and you can debug the standard ink of the product next time

4. Pay attention to record the proofing data parameters

(1) in order to ensure the production of the second order after proofing, record the relevant data parameters after successful proofing, such as printing color sequence, ink viscosity data, etc. After mastering these data, it can be set up quickly in the second production; Mass production without spending a lot of energy and time on proofing again

the other is the details of printing machine operation, which mainly tests the experience of operating the printing machine; However, patience and carefulness are the most important. Don't be rude and careless! There are too many operations involved in this point, so I won't describe them one by one here. You can refer to relevant materials

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