Domestic demand for organic chemicals remains weak

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Domestic demand for organic chemicals is still weak

recently, the pessimism of the world economy has risen again, the U.S. stock market has fallen sharply, the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen, and the crude oil market continues to be pressured by bad news. The State Council has launched the policy of replacing old vehicles with new ones to stimulate domestic demand. The economic data released by the Bureau of statistics exceed the market expectation that our tepex composite materials can also improve the strength and impact resistance of components at freezing temperature. Domestic demand for organic chemicals is still weak under various signs. It is understood that 341, cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber: petrochemical enterprises have raised their quotations one after another, driving up market prices; Aniline: some units shut down or operate at low load, and market resources continue to be in a tight situation; TDI: Recently, domestic units have entered the maintenance period one after another, while Shanghai BASF unit has not been started normally, and the tight supply in the European and American markets indirectly affects the supply in Asia; Acetic acid, an organic chemical with declining prices: only 6 of the 10 large-scale domestic production enterprises are operating normally, and the production area is mainly concentrated in East China, and the downstream industry is also shrouded in the off-season; LLDPE: the international oil price has fallen continuously, the market mentality is poor, and the quotation has declined slightly; Toluene: as the low crude oil price continues, the overall domestic market transaction is poor, and the downstream inquiry is not active and the construction is dissatisfied; Phenol: the market is running at a low level, the overall shipping atmosphere is general, and the downstream intends to receive goods at the low end; Epichlorohydrin: the market continues to decline. At present, the domestic epoxy resin market is in the doldrums. The manufacturers have low start-up and demand for wood plastic composites. The reason why they are widely used is limited, and the transaction negotiation is not smooth

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