Domestic ABS ex factory price on January 12

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January 12 domestic ABS ex factory price

manufacturer brand ex factory price

Lanzhou Petrochemical 301w 13700

Lanzhou Petrochemical 301 13800

Jilin Petrochemical 0215a 13650 - 13650

Panjin Ethylene ch510 13200

LG Yongxing 121h 14000

Zhenjiang Guoheng d-180 13800

Zhenjiang Guoheng D150 14000

Zhenjiang Guoheng hydraulic universal testing machine operation knowledge of oil delivery and return D120 14200

Zhenjiang Qimei 757K 13700

town Jiangqimei 707k 13400

Xinhu electronic universal testing machine is widely used in factories and mining enterprises, quality supervision, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, textiles, construction materials Material inspection and analysis of household appliances and other industries petrochemical ac800 13600

Xinhu petrochemical ac81013700

Daqing Petrochemical 750A 14500 - 14500

PetroChina Huanan 0215a 13800

PetroChina Huanan 301 13800

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