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Whether the poster released by Xiaomi Weibo prompts: Pro 2 game book will appear

recently, Xiaomi notebook officially released two posters on Weibo. Therefore, a question with high requirements for the mechanical properties of such materials has been answered. A string of random codes on the notebook keyboard indicates that the decoding is "3", "8", "C" and "J". The four keys are lit up, and the combination of the four characters is "ChinaJoy on August 3", It indicates that this new notebook will launch a new notebook product on ChinaJoy on August 3. Just a few days ago, the official Weibo of Xiaomi notebook released another warm-up poster, which seems to imply that the model of this new notebook is Xiaomi notebook Pro 2

in fact, according to the hint of Xiaomi, some partners have long guessed what it is, but they haven't been sure when this Xiaomi notebook pro2 will be released, but on the poster on August 1, some partners also confirmed that the other thing is the so-called string of random codes "!)))". Compared with the number keys on the computer keyboard, the number keys are actually "1050", so the answer is obvious. For the tensile testing machine with hydraulic force, If the system oil pressure is applied high or low during the experiment, the experimental results will cause relatively large errors. The Xiaomi notebook pro2 will be equipped with NVIDIA's gtx1050 graphics card. Even for the new generation of Xiaomi notebook, it is not easy to insert a GTX 1050 graphics card into the internal space, Therefore, the test result of Xiaomi's horizontal angle when converting MX1 to Richter value is that it is not impossible to upgrade hld75750 graphics card to GTX 1050, but the power supply power should increase with the upgrade of graphics card

Xiaomi's first generation notebook Pro focuses on the positioning of an all-round video and audio book. Its body weight is 2kg, which is a little heavier than the general light and thin book, and its performance is much worse than the game book. This time, the new notebook Pro Series can only be said to be a low effect and smooth introduction to eating chicken. Just stepping into the threshold of the mid-range graphics card, it is barely a game book, At present, it is not sure whether the performance of Intel's next generation processor will be better than that of the eighth generation low-voltage processor. After all, this generation of standard voltage processor is close to perfection, so the GTX 1050 graphics card game playing experience and the normalization of domestic machine prices will not be stuck

in addition, according to the poster released by Xiaomi today, it has been confirmed that Xiaomi will be released on August 3 (that is, tomorrow). The new notebook, Xiaomi notebook pro2, is a new product. To be honest, Xiaokong, it's really hard to eat chicken with Xiaomi laptop and other aliens. This is really "you never know what environment your teammates are in and the games you play"

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