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Whether traditional printing enterprises need to rely on the Internet platform

[China Packaging News] Nowadays, the Internet thinking is spreading to the printing industry in a lightning fast manner. When printing, a traditional industry, collided with internet thinking, many exploration models emerged in the industry -- do you pay attention to the traditional manufacturing strength of printing enterprises or rely on network platforms? The most common explanation of butterfly effect is that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil can lead to a tornado in Texas a month later. Since computers opened the door of human digitalization, after decades of development, the trend of digitalization, networking and wireless mobility of global business activities and social life has become irreversible. The latest round of it reform with PC Internet and mobile Internet as the main body has shown the effect of butterfly effect in the printing industry. The core is how Indian enterprises use Internet thinking to do business

the management mode tends to be refined

the process of digital printing has developed gradually for decades from digital prepress to digital printing and after digital printing. From the high-end connection of the electric extension to the Phototypesetter, the direct plate making machine, the digital printing machine, CIP3 and CIP4 (the process flow of connecting each link of the printing work), to the current digital printing, it technology has greatly improved the development process of printing, and also introduced substitutes and competitors for printing: newspaper paper media are gradually replaced by newspapers, and paper books are gradually replaced by e-books, Business brochures and promotional lists are gradually replaced by resources and e-marketing

with the rapid growth of GDP for 30 years, China's printing industry has recently entered the stage of medium growth. The oversupply of supply has made printing enterprises fiercely competitive. The timely emergence of Internet thinking has enabled high-quality printing enterprises to take advantage of this Phoenix Nirvana and enter the era of printing networking

Table 1 main characteristics of special engineering plastics, so what is interconnection thinking? The core of Internet thinking is customer thinking. Due to different structures, the cost is not maintained. With the assistance of the Department of commercial energy and industrial strategy, products and marketing are done from the perspective of users. The essence is users first. Customers want cheaper prices, faster delivery and better quality, which requires Indian enterprises to transition from extensive management to refined management

at the same time, printing enterprises also need to realize their own customer brand positioning. In the past, each printing enterprise only provided continuous printing business for the customer group of dozens of advertising design companies. Now in the Internet era, the source of customers is more extensive, and we need to pay attention to user experience and word-of-mouth marketing to win more customers

the marketing model has been overturned at the same time

in the era of online printing, printing supply exceeds demand in an all-round way, lean production is only a necessary basic ability, and the ability of Internet marketing has become the key to get orders and survive. This requires Internet thinking and awareness, as well as people who understand the Internet, which is precisely the weakness of Chinese printing enterprises. The habitual thinking of Indian enterprises determines that it is difficult to change

in the past few years, it was mainly the Graphic Express Printing Industry and the imaging industry that tried to print personalized photo albums, such as domestic express printers, Impressionists, Youfu, etc. Now more attempts are made to carry out B2B (i.e. business to business) business in the field of commercial web printing. In terms of domestic business card combination, Shengtong shares, wanhu Nami, etc., and special online printing also includes Nanjing Kaixin printing, etc., which shows that it mainly existed in the form of a technology before interconnection. Nowadays, mobile Internet has completely changed the way of marketing

applications in the field of packaging are also numerous. From the case of HP printing personalized Coca Cola labels to the attempt of dove brand in tmall Unilever flagship store global hair limited bath milk, the packaging label industry also began to try personalized printing in brand marketing. This marks that in the future, printing also begins to give way to electronic media in the main channel of information dissemination, and a large number of cross-border functional applications in the field of packaging labels are gradually emerging

looking back on the past, every technological change in the printing industry, whether DTP (typesetting technology), CTP (computer direct plate making technology), or digital printing, some wise entrepreneurs have the courage to explore how to apply it. Because of their foresight, they can do the right thing at the right time in all the technological revolutions in the printing industry. As printing technology, marketing and customer demand have been constantly innovating for nearly a century, change has become the only option. Printing enterprises that are prepared for danger in times of safety have begun to try to use Internet to change their business methods. Although innovation is not easy, success is due to specialty. The growth and development of Chinese Indian enterprises benefit from reform and opening up, but the world changes rapidly. Internet thinking is the only way for Indian enterprises to turn from production to service

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