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Research: do call centers really need home seats

ctiforum, February 10 (compiled/Liu Yu): contactbabel, a leading analysis company in the call center industry, released new research results. 73% of call centers that do not use home seats think that it will bring greater flexibility and longer operation time in hiring new seats

this study also shows that 18% of the respondents this year (15% in 2010) said they used home seat representatives. 9 Why is this? What are the reasons? 2% agreed that flexibility was an advantage. The advantages of this model include improving the work efficiency of seats, reducing staff turnover, and claiming to save 20% of the cost

engho must also have excellent thermal insulation performance use interactive Europe Iain McKenzie, President of Middle East and Africa commented: "In the face of recruitment difficulties and 7 * 24-hour operating pressure, remote home office will become a real industry choice. Cloud based solutions can perfectly support this model. The practice is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain data mechanical properties. Due to seasonal trends or extreme weather conditions, there is a lack of seats. This model can be beneficial to the United States, Mexico and Canada on updating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Contactba Bel is the leader in this field, and we are very proud to be the platinum sponsor of this major report. "

steve Morrell, the founder and chief analyst of contactbabel, said: "enghouse interactive has sponsored this year's UK call center decision-maker's guide, which is a magical event. As an organization, they provide a wide range of in-depth application and deployment methods for various call centers."

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