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Hangzhou Steam Turbine 6S management has achieved remarkable results

on January 11, more than 60 representatives of the economic development bureaus under the Hangzhou Municipal Economic Commission and Hangzhou large enterprises came to Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Steam Turbine) for an on-site meeting. This time, what Hangzhou Steam Turbine took out to "entertain" guests is: a clean and orderly working environment. A staff member told: "through the implementation of 6S management, there have been great changes now and when you came to the enterprise half a year."

3. Control system: as the name suggests,

comprehensive implementation

due to the continuous expansion of the scale and the continuous acceleration of the internationalization process, Hangzhou steam turbine has put forward higher and higher requirements for its internal management. Since June 5, 2006, Hangzhou steam turbine has begun to take basic management as the foundation, sort out various management processes, and gradually change from extensive management to refined management

at the same time, in order to cope with the increasingly fierce competitive environment, the company's requirements for on-site management are also constantly improving, and 6S management is the best way to do a good job of on-site management. Therefore, Hangzhou Steam Turbine hopes that through the implementation of 6S management, we can deal with many disadvantages accumulated over the years from the details and create a clean and efficient production and working environment

comprehensively implement 6S management, which has been highly valued by Nie Zhonghai, chairman of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group. He asked: "do the simplest things well and do the most complex things."

Nie Zhonghai's view is that only by doing well in 6S management can we make good products and create a good corporate image. If you can't even do 6S management well, can you still make good products

since then, a top-down 6S management storm has blown up in the company. Hang steam turbine has specially established a 6S Implementation Committee, with the company's management as the director and deputy director of the Promotion Committee, and the administrative heads of various departments as members. It has also specially established a 6S promotion office and established a 6S promotion working group, with the deputy general manager in charge of the company's management as the group leader, who is directly responsible for this work, The leaders of each management function department (Party and government office, general management office, security office) serve as the deputy team leader, and specially transfer elite and strong generals to form a promotion working group, which is responsible for the 6S promotion work of the whole company and the coordination between departments, formulate the 6S implementation work plan of the company, check the 6S work progress of each department, and cooperate with the consultants of the consulting company to guide and contact the 6S promotion work of each department

model first

in order to ensure the effective promotion of 6S management and achieve the demonstration effect, Hangzhou Steam Turbine selects teams of different types of work such as office, warehouse, finishing, assembly as 6S model area, and uses 10 working days to carry out 6S management

since June 5, 2006, 6S management has been implemented in the six model areas set up. In 10 working days, the employees in the model area have made great changes in the work site and working environment under the condition of not delaying production tasks. A clean and orderly production and working environment is presented to the company's employees: the machine tool is clean, and, The items in the toolbox are placed neatly and clean...

at the beginning of comprehensively promoting 6S management, the Promotion Committee also organized representatives of middle-level cadres, section chiefs and team leaders of the company to visit six pilot model areas. The clean and tidy workplace, well ordered toolbox and filing cabinet, including the daily morning meeting system, all give people a very deep impression. Employees spontaneously visited the model area, and they felt that through 6S management, the working environment was changed and the work efficiency was greatly improved

through the visit to the model area, Hangzhou steam turbine has stronger and stronger awareness and requirements for on-site rectification, which has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of all employees to carry out this work. For example, after receiving the publicity training and on-site observation of the 6S model area before and after comparison, the foreman of the second shift of leaf decoration in the general assembly workshop actively implemented 6S management in the team. They first started with the management of public tools, and used waste materials to make creative tool racks to manage tools uniformly; After seeing the on-site rectification of the model area of the Department, the employees of the blade workshop also imitate the model area to sort, rectify and clean up, so as to improve the working environment

at the same time, Hangzhou Steam Turbine took inspection as the starting point and cancelled the qualification of evaluating advanced units and advanced teams for non-conforming departments and regions in the form of year-end evaluation and one vote veto system. Every month, the company also adopts the method of self declaration and acceptance inspection to inspect and accept 144 6S implementation areas in 24 departments of the company, evaluate the star demonstration areas, and issue star demonstration mobile cups to show encouragement. A total of 19 Departments and 85 regions have applied for acceptance twice. In the middle of December, 2006, 6S management promotion office carried out year-end evaluation and pre acceptance of the company's regions, timely raised problems that need to be improved and rectified within a limited time, so as to prepare for and provide guidance for the year-end formal compliance inspection of all departments

a good atmosphere of point to area and full participation has been formed in all departments of the company. Through the efforts of all employees, the production and work site environment of the company has been continuously improved, the staff's quality has also been greatly improved, and good working habits have been formed day by day

towards refined management

in the past six months, the continuous promotion and application of Hangzhou Steam Turbine 6S management has created good conditions for the further deepening of safety, quality, cost control and other management, higher performance research and development and skill investment of waste foam granulator, and also made various preparations for enterprises to move towards lean production and refined management

with employees' deepening understanding of 6S management, the working atmosphere of self-learning, self-management and mutual reminders has emerged. From initial incomprehension to understanding, from passive learning to active learning, from sorting, rectifying, cleaning and cleaning with emotion to actively improving their literacy, employees actively carry out 6S activities under the leadership of their respective department leaders and team leaders, and constantly improve the on-site working environment and the placement methods of some items

the working atmosphere of one person participating in management and everyone enjoying management is forming in Hangzhou steam turbine. The staff's sense of work is further strengthened, and good working habits are slowly forming. Everyone closely combines their own behavior with shaping the good corporate image of Hangzhou steam turbine, and their ability to find problems is improved at the same time

6s management is a process of "people 5. Press the impact button, drop the pendulum to break the sample, press the brake button when the pendulum swings back, and when the pendulum stops swinging, write down the impact energy to create the environment and educate people in the environment". Precisely because 6S is a management work with only a starting point and no end point, Hangzhou steam turbine has always advocated the concept of unlimited creativity and continuous improvement in the implementation, and cultivated good working habits of employees, By stimulating the creativity and enthusiasm of employees, we can create a group of high-quality talent teams that are good at independent thinking, can focus on the overall situation, and work efficiently, so as to meet the needs of the rapid development of enterprises. (end)

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