Domestic demand and export sales of the most therm

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The domestic demand and export sales of electric energy meters are booming

it was learned from the national television conference on electric power safety production that due to the insufficient supply of electric coal, the current national power gap has reached 69.63 million KW, and 13 provincial-level electricity has been cut off and restricted to varying degrees

domestic demand and export sales are booming

in recent years, the state has issued a number of policies on the development of the electric energy meter industry in a row, coupled with the rapid development of the real estate industry, the domestic demand for electric energy meters has expanded sharply, and the electric energy meter industry has developed rapidly. It is reported that the annual output value of the electric energy meter industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan

Lu Yaguang, general manager of Hunan Xintian Shengji Electronics Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the market demand for electric energy meters is growing, and this product will become the main business of Xintian Shengji Electronics Co., Ltd. in the next year. It is reported that the company mainly produces electric energy meters and water meters. In 2007, the output value of electric energy meters exceeded 10 million yuan

Wu Tianyi, vice president and Secretary General of Zhejiang Instrument Industry Association, believes that the construction of rural urbanization and the upsurge of urban housing construction will increase the area of commercial housing by more than 1billion square meters every year. The further expansion and extension of electricity coverage will require the addition of a large number of user tables. In addition, with the rapid development of the national economy, the consumption of three-phase meters widely used in factories, enterprises, commercial buildings, hotels, government schools, urban and rural residential areas will continue to expand. Especially with the industrial structure adjustment and gradient transfer of the electric energy meter industry, it has also created favorable conditions for the export of enterprises

electricity or abandon the previous work. Sub meters will become the mainstream

in addition, in the context of energy conservation, electronic watches will be more and more popular

in recent years, energy issues have been paid more and more attention by all parties, and electric energy is no exception. Lu Yaguang said that in the past, mechanical meters basically dominated the world, and there have been fundamental changes in recent years, because electronic meters can effectively control the load operation and power consumption, and can effectively save electric energy, which is obviously consistent with the national energy policy, and mechanical meters are difficult to do this

in addition, the production of mechanical watches requires a lot of copper, and the consumption of mineral resources is particularly large. Obviously, electronic watches also have unique advantages in this regard. Mechanical watches count through mechanical operation, which inevitably leads to wear. As time goes by, the baybrand M750 also has good mechanical and thermal properties, so its service life is short. While electronic watches rely on digital circuits and programs to go in and out. No one really doesn't want to go out to count. Naturally, there is no wear and tear. The counting is relatively accurate, and its service life is long

in the interview, Lu Yaguang believed that at present, the ratio of mechanical meters to electric energy meters has reached 4:6. New buildings basically use electronic meters. For those old buildings that have used mechanical meters, electronic meters are basically considered when updating

experts believe that it is also the degree of stratification. Electronic meters have the advantages of multi-function, high precision, automatic meter reading and so on, and will gradually become the mainstream of the development of electric energy meters. In the next few years, new electronic meters with various functions will be rapidly promoted and applied

experts said that this also means that the industry is about to reshuffle. Some people who produce mechanical watches may turn to electronic watches, while those who produce electronic watches may want to become bigger and stronger. The competition will become increasingly fierce, and some people who lack strength are likely to be out

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