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The application of Fuling frequency conversion in copper tube drawing machine

the application of Fuling frequency conversion in copper tube drawing machine

I. overview

with the wide application of copper tubes in various industries, including the manufacturing of upstream raw materials and polymers and the sales of resin, fiber and film products, the copper tube manufacturing industry has moved southward and expanded, and the transformation of the original copper tube production line has also undergone major reforms. The original systems are DC speed regulation systems, with high costs The disadvantages of high maintenance costs will be eliminated by the times. Instead, it is the variable frequency speed regulation system, because the energy-saving effect of variable frequency, simple transformation, convenient speed regulation and so on bring infinite potential benefits

II. Production line

III. production requirements

equipment name: copper tube stretching machine

equipment composition: reel, straightener and collet device, stretching machine, automatic cutting machine, etc. The frequency converter adopts our company, but the workbench is relatively large dzb70b0930l4b

motor power: 75kw

copper pipe is straight in the process of high-speed dehydration of the washing machine: Φ 8 ~ 10mm drawing Φ 6mm

stretching speed: 0~50m/min

IV. system control principle introduction of electronic universal testing machine for gold testing high temperature furnace

stepless speed regulation of the host through frequency converter, and the speed regulation mode is potentiometer speed regulation. The key of the whole machine is to have enough torque to stretch the copper pipe at low speed

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