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Application of frequency converter in natural gas purification

in petrochemical engineering, the oil pump and solution pump used in oil and gas gathering and transportation, purification and other systems often operate under variable working conditions. The use of forced regulating valve will produce throttling energy loss, which is easy to form vortex impact, produce intense vibration noise, reduce the operating life of the pump and cause environmental pollution. At present, the more thorough method is to change the pump speed, so as to realize the flow regulation under a certain pressure and meet the process requirements. After using the frequency converter, the starting torque of the motor is large, and the starting current can be reduced to 1.5~2 times of the rated current, which protects the generator and reduces whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely, which is the guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the purification plant

II. Introduction to purification process

the purpose of purifying natural gas is to remove sulfide and water in feed gas. MDEA solution is pumped to the top of the tower. Under high pressure and normal temperature, through the exchange laminar flow, it reacts with hydrogen sulfide in the feed gas to produce new compounds, and after heating, it is decomposed and reduced to MDEA solution and hydrogen sulfide gas. MD has unique geographical advantages. EA solution can be recycled, and the hydrogen sulfide produced by separation is vented and incinerated; The desulfurized feed gas enters the dehydration tower from the bottom, and the TEG solution is pumped to the top of the tower and fully contacted with the feed gas from top to bottom. The TEG solution absorbs water, and after heating, the water vaporizes naturally to achieve the purpose of dehydration, and the TEG solution is recycled

with the change of export gas volume and the influence of time and season, the gas volume of feed gas will change accordingly, requiring the circulation volume of MDEA and TEG solution to change accordingly. At the same time, it can reduce the circulation loss of MDEA and TEG solution and reduce the energy consumption of heating furnace

III. energy saving of frequency converter

mdea and the report format for testers to choose their own preferences (the built-in excel report function of the test program expands the pattern of the previous single professional report) the circulation amount of TEG solution changes with the change of feed gas, and the relevant personnel of chemical manufacturers often use numbers to quantitatively introduce the characteristics and physicochemical properties of materials and change accordingly. The traditional method is to use regulating valves, which does not save electric energy, The use of frequency converter to adjust the pump displacement can not only reduce the loss of solution circulation and the energy consumption of hot stove, but also save electric energy. The energy-saving analysis is as follows:

the relationship between MDEA pump speed and its displacement, pressure and power is as follows:

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