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Application of FRP Composites in the communication industry

1. Application in the communication radar radome

the radar radome is a functional structural member integrating electrical performance, structural strength, stiffness, aerodynamic shape and special functional requirements. Its main function is to improve the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft, protect the antenna system from the influence of the external environment, extend the service life of all parts of the whole system, and protect the accuracy of the antenna surface and position. The traditional manufacturing materials are generally steel plate and aluminum plate, which have many shortcomings, such as large quality, non corrosion resistance, single processing technology, unable to form products with too complex shapes, etc. the application has been subject to many restrictions, and the number of applications is getting smaller and smaller. As a material with excellent performance, FRP can be completed by adding conductive fillers if conductivity is required. The structural strength can be completed by designing stiffeners and changing the thickness locally according to the strength requirements. The shape can be made into different shapes according to the requirements, and it is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging resistant and light in weight. It can be completed by hand pasting, autoclave, RTM and other processes to ensure that the radome meets the performance requirements and service life requirements

2. Application in mobile antenna for communication

in recent years, mobile communication has developed rapidly, and the consumption of mobile antenna has also increased sharply. As the protective coat of mobile antenna, the consumption of radome has also increased greatly. The material of mobile radome must have wave permeability, outdoor anti-aging performance, wind load resistance, batch consistency, etc. In addition, its service life must be long enough, otherwise it will bring great inconvenience to installation and maintenance, and the cost will increase. Most of the mobile radomes produced in the past were made of PVC material, but the material is not resistant to aging, has poor wind load resistance, has a short service life, and is used less and less. FRP material has good wave transmission, strong outdoor aging resistance and wind resistance. It is manufactured by pultrusion production process with good batch consistency, and its service life is more than 20 years. It fully meets the requirements of mobile radome with high probability of bearing unilateral load. Now it has gradually replaced PVC plastic and become the first choice of mobile radome. Mobile radomes in Europe and the United States have banned the use of PVC plastic radomes, all using FRP radomes. With the further improvement of the material requirements of mobile radomes in China, the pace of making mobile radomes using FRP materials instead of PVC plastics is also further accelerated

3. Application in satellite receiving antenna

satellite receiving antenna is the key equipment of satellite ground station, which is directly related to the quality of received satellite signals and the stability of the system. The material requirements for satellite antenna are light weight, strong wind resistance, anti-aging, high dimensional accuracy, no deformation, long service life, corrosion resistance, and designable reflector. The traditional production materials are generally steel plate and aluminum plate, which are made by stamping process. The thickness is generally thin, not corrosion-resistant, and the service life is short, which is generally only 3-5 years. The limitations of use are becoming more and more careful to inject into the room. It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics and produced according to SMC molding process. It has good dimensional stability, light weight, aging resistance, good batch consistency and strong wind resistance. It can also design stiffeners according to different requirements to improve strength. Its service life is more than 20 years. It can be designed to lay metals and other materials to achieve satellite receiving function, which fully meets the use requirements in terms of performance and technology. At present, SMC satellite antenna has been applied in large quantities, and the effect is very good, which will affect the test results. It is maintenance free outdoors, has good receiving effect, and has a very good application prospect

4. Application in other communications

the railway has carried out the sixth speed increase. The train speed is faster and faster, and the signal transmission must also be rapid and accurate. The signal transmission is completed through the antenna, so the influence of the radome on the signal transmission is directly related to the transmission of information. The radome used for FRP railway antenna has been in use for a long time. In addition, mobile communication base stations cannot be established at sea, so mobile communication equipment cannot be used. The radome used for antenna must be corroded by the sea climate for a long time, and ordinary materials cannot meet the requirements. The performance characteristics of FRP material are now reflected to a large extent

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