80% of the hottest tissues passed the spot check

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On December 3, the AQSIQ conducted a quality supervision and random inspection of tissue products in the third quarter of this year. The results showed that the qualified rate of tissue products reached more than 80%

in this spot check, 66 products were selected from 41 enterprises in 12 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Sichuan and Chongqing, and 55 products were qualified. The survival rate of Chinese private enterprises should not be underestimated as 83.3%

from the previous spot checks, the unqualified sanitary indicators and whiteness are the main reasons for the unqualified quality of paper towels, which is still the case in this spot check. Among the 11 unqualified products in this supervision and random inspection, 6 products do not meet the requirements of health standards, all of which are unqualified in the total number of bacterial colonies. Undoubtedly, it puts forward higher performance requirements for domestic materials. In a paper napkin produced by an enterprise, the total number of bacterial colonies exceeds 10 times the upper limit specified in the standard

the spot check found that there were 5 products with unqualified whiteness, of which 2 products exceeded the upper limit of the standard and 3 products were lower than the lower limit of the standard. The main reason for the unqualified whiteness is that some consumers and a few production enterprises have misunderstandings about the whiteness of tissue paper, believing that the whiter the tissue paper is, the better. Therefore, some manufacturers add excessive fluorescent brighteners in the process of producing tissue paper, resulting in the whiteness exceeding the upper limit of the standard. Three products with low whiteness were randomly selected this time, all of which were due to the low whiteness of the raw materials used and the lack of necessary control over the product quality, which ultimately led to the unqualified whiteness of the products

some paper napkins with poor quality found in this spot check include "Xinhe" brand paper napkins produced by Xiaoshan Xinhe Paper Co., Ltd., "Xiaobao" brand paper napkins produced by Baoding Dongsheng Paper Co., Ltd., "QIANZI" brand paper napkins produced by Chongqing pingya Paper Co., Ltd., "zhanchun" brand paper napkins produced by Beijing Junming zhanchun industry and Trade Co., Ltd Beike and other enterprises form a win-win cooperation model. The "goldfish Ruyi" brand paper napkins produced by Beijing goldfish Ruyi daily necessities Co., Ltd. (Qi Zhongxi)

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