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Application of frequency converter in escalators

escalators, like elevators, are the most typical equipment for transporting passengers in public places, and have been widely used in department stores, airports, subways, hotels and other places. But so far, most of them are powered by commercial power without speed regulation, which makes the escalator still busy when there is no one to ride. In particular, the periodicity of some subways, airports and large and medium-sized shopping malls is obvious. For example, there are passengers in the airport when planes arrive, and they rest the rest of the time. Some shopping malls arrange large and valuable goods on the second floor with an accuracy of 0.02j, so the accuracy of the instrument is required to be at least 0.02j or above the third floor. The relative flow of customers should be reduced by 2. Place clean samples in order in the sample basket; Then put it into the low-temperature tank. The utilization rate of escalators is relatively low with less lunch time, one hour before work and one or two hours before going to work in the morning. This enables us to take advantage of power saving

it was proposed to transform the escalator in the 1980s and 1990s, and its idea is the same as now, but at that time, the frequency converter was not widely used in China, and the price was also very expensive, which was daunting. It has also been transformed. It is just a simple addition of a sensor. The escalator runs when someone comes, and stops when there is no one, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. This is indeed very energy-saving, but later found that many passengers saw the escalator did not move, thinking that the upstairs was not open and did not approach it at all, which virtually reduced the turnover of the mall and brought economic losses. Later, no one cared

at that time, the intelligent escalator had long been realized in foreign countries. It was only necessary to change the original stop operation scheme to slow operation (crawling) when no one was close to the escalator. Because the escalator is still running, customers will not have misunderstandings, making the transformation a reality. At that time, there was no convenient machine to adjust the speed of cheap AC motor easily, which was limited

with the progress of science and technology in China and the continuous introduction of many foreign advanced technologies, frequency converters have been widely used in production and life in China. Its excellent performance makes it possible to bring about a substantial reduction in cost. Ordinary AC asynchronous motors can be as convenient as DC motors for stepless speed regulation, while AC smart storm motors, which lead intelligent equipment, are much cheaper than DC motors. The most important thing is that they do not need to replace carbon brushes regularly and reduce spark interference. Moreover, the frequency converter can replace the soft starter, realize short-circuit protection for the motor, and also has the basic PLC function. The energy-saving transformation project with frequency converter as the core has quietly risen. In particular, the energy-saving transformation of central air conditioning, escalators, constant pressure water supply, injection molding machines and so on is even hotter at present

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