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Application of Fuling inverter in color steel plate production line

I. overview

with the rapid economic development and the expansion of standard workshops of various enterprises, the demand for color steel plate has also increased linearly. Therefore, the color steel plate production line also came into being

III. production requirements

equipment name: color steel plate production line

equipment composition: it is composed of uncoiler, plate shearer, tractor, looper, cleaning oven, oven, coating machine, paint baking oven, tension machine, deviation correction machine, Winder and other series of equipment with a service life of more than 40 years for composite wires. The frequency converter adopts our dzb70b0075l4a, 0110l4a, 0185l4a, 0450l4a, etc. to control the drive motors on the uncoiler, tractor, looper, coating machine and winder respectively, with a total of 16 sets

motor power: 7.5, 11, 15, 18.5, 37KW respectively

steel plate thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.5mmx1050 mm

painting speed of color steel plate: 0 ~ 50m/min

IV. system control principle

meter tachometer

the main control console of the whole production line is No. ③, and the auxiliary console is No. ① ② ④. ① ∽ ④ platform is equipped with emergency stop switch, which is effective at the same time. When the ③ platform gives the start-up command, start the tractor, and monitor the current, voltage and other parameters of the electromechanical device. It is known that each platform rises at the line speed of 5, 10, 15,..., 50m respectively. The whole system is automatically controlled by the tension controller and frequency converter to meet the requirements of stepless speed regulation

v. system control requirements

in the production process of color steel plate, it is required that the acceleration should be stable, there should be no impact, and there should be a certain tension, otherwise, after the steel plate sinks, the paint water just painted will be rubbed off

in order to achieve the above requirements:

1. When the frequency converter of the tension machine needs to run, the braking function is equivalent to being in the reverse dragging state at this time

2. The frequency converter that controls the looper needs the deceleration braking function in the process of speed reduction

system operation: the original steel plate is colorless, and the color steel plate is formed by coating the original steel plate with various colors through the color steel plate production line. The basic process is:

(1). Threading process: fix the whole coil of raw steel plate on the uncoiler, It is sent to No. ① tractor through the auxiliary pressing roller → No. ① plate cutter (used for plate cutter for coil change) → No. ① tractor → No. ① looper → No. ① tension machine → cleaning box → No. ② tension machine and correction machine internationally → oven → correction machine → oven → ③ table 6 mechanical properties of Jinfa technology pp-lgf products tension machine → all coating machines → paint baking → No. ③ tension machine → No. ④ looper → No. ④ tension machine → No. ④ plate cutter (the plate cutter is used for changing the sleeve) → winder

(2) adjust the middle position of the steel plate, and turn off the uncoiler after the steel plate is smoothly fed into the tractor. During operation, the magnetic particle brake brakes

(3) after threading is completed, start the whole production line. First, slowly accelerate in sections according to the process requirements. Its unified reference value comes from the linear speed displayed on the meter display. When the working speed required by the process is reached, start painting, and then roll it into the finished color steel plate coil after baking paint

(4) working conditions of the plate cutter: according to the process requirements, once the production line is running, it is not allowed to stop, except under special circumstances or emergencies. Otherwise, it will cause great losses. Therefore, when changing the coil, the coil is changed without stopping, and the looper is the storage device for storing the steel plate, which cooperates with the plate cutter to realize the coil change without stopping

(5) the whole production process can be completed automatically or manually by the system

VI. basic device of the system

1. Automatic correction device: Centering + hydraulic transmission

2. Meter counter: meter counter

3. Tension device: tension controller + tension sensor

4. Frequency converter: Fuling dzb series frequency converter

VII. System features

1) the system has fast loudness speed, good dynamic characteristics, and can complete high coating process requirements

2) the system configuration is complex and simple. The whole production line integrates water, gas, hydraulic pressure, natural gas, electricity and machinery, and its division of labor and cooperation are more reasonable

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