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On october19,2012, phenolic resin

the performance of domestic phenolic resin market was flat and continued to be stable. At present, the price of phenol, the main raw material, has been generally lowered, and the cost has limited support for the market. At the same time, the current economic environment is depressed, coupled with the shock of crude oil, the mentality of terminal procurement has shrunk and the transaction has slowed down, resulting in a short-term domestic market downturn and consolidation; With the decline in the market price of phenol and the decline in the volume of raw materials, for the time being, it is a good support for de profit. However, the downstream procurement performance after the festival is OK. Although the overall demand recovery is still not optimistic, the weather is cool, and the demand for fire protection and insulation and fire resistance has slightly improved. It is expected that the domestic phenolic resin market will maintain its momentum and continue to be consolidated; The macro heavyweight benefits have been settled, the market is in a good mood, the phenol operation is slightly weak, so it is difficult to drive the rise of phenolic resin, the demand performance is still stable, and the phenolic resin has few fluctuations. On the last trading day (October 18, 2012), there were limited transactions of phenolic resin in China, of which - Shandong market: liquid 13000 ~ 14000 yuan/ton, solid 14000 ~ 14500 yuan/ton; Henan market: 13000 ~ 14000 yuan/ton for liquid and 14000 ~ 14500 yuan/ton for solid; Jiangsu market: 13500 ~ 14500 yuan/ton for liquid and 14500 yuan/ton for solid

on the last trading day (october18,2012), the domestic phenolic resin raw material market was weak and tepid. The phenol market was consolidated in a narrow range, the trading and investment were tepid, the merchants who held the goods sold along with the market, the downstream factories supplemented and maintained production as needed, the overall mentality was poor, the market negotiation fell, Gaoqiao Petrochemical continued to stop for maintenance, and other devices operated smoothly. "Tansongbin said that the disk was temporarily quiet, the merchants' offers were concentrated, some ocean source prices were low, the information was poor, the trading and investment atmosphere was dim, the firm offer was rare, and the terminal follow-up was weak Active buying is limited, and the market outlook is cautious, and it is expected to run in shock; There is little change in the formaldehyde market, some small adjustments, the implementation of the early contract, the overall trading and trading is flat, the demand is flat, the commencement is not high, some inventories are high, and the sales inventory is mainly. As a result, the road map and schedule for the implementation of the project have been developed, and the stable market mentality has been shaken. There is a possibility of downward exploration in the market in the near future, and the performance is relatively calm for the time being, and the market is mainly maintained. Actual negotiated price of phenol in regional market: 10800 ~ 10900 yuan/ton in East China; 10900 ~ 11000 yuan/ton in Shandong; 10900 ~ 11000 yuan/ton in South China. Actual negotiated price of formaldehyde in regional market: Shandong 1280 ~ 1400 yuan/ton; The price in Hebei is 1350 ~ 1400 yuan/ton; The price in Jiangsu is 1370 ~ 1500 yuan/ton

on the last trading day (october18,2012), the domestic phenolic resin manufacturers maintained operation. Welcome to learn that the delivery is normal. Among them, Zhengzhou Shuangge resin Co., Ltd. has a quotation of 12000 yuan/ton for liquid and 13000 yuan/ton for solid. The unit is normal and the quotation is temporarily stable. It is mainly engaged in refractory phenolic resin; Dongxiang Weiye Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. has no quotation for the time being, and is mainly engaged in various phenolic resins; Henan Bangde Chemical Co., Ltd., quotation: friction and fire-resistant solid resin 13000 yuan/ton, liquid resin 12000 yuan/ton, mainly engaged in organic abrasive tools, friction materials, refractories and other special phenolic resins; Yantai Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., quotation: at present, there is no clear external quotation. It is a single discussion. It is mainly engaged in phenolic resin for friction materials; Zhengzhou Shuguang Chemical Co., Ltd. suspended production, restarted to be determined and followed up; Renxian Chengfeng Resin Chemical Co., Ltd., quotation: 12000 yuan/ton for brake materials and 13000 yuan/ton for refractory materials, mainly engaged in various phenolic resins; Shandong Yongli Refractories Co., Ltd. and Shandong Yongli Refractories Co., Ltd. offer: 12400 yuan/ton for refractory liquid and 13000 yuan/ton for solid; Jinan Shengquan haivos, quotation: external quotation is suspended, and the main business is phenolic resin for fire resistance and brake pads

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